Career Services

Career Services 

Innopharma Education provides extensive information and guidance to learners regarding careers. The process starts with initial career discussions with an applicant at the interview stage. Suitability of the programme and potential career options are determined at this stage. During induction students are made aware of the Career Support that will be an integral part of their programme of study. All students will be able to avail of support to help meet their career planning, job search, career development and management. The Programme Administration Managers and Programme Leads will be responsible for ensuring that all students receive regular updates on further study opportunities, regional job vacancies, internship and work placement opportunities, and relevant career events.  

In addition to in-class and individual mentoring, Innopharma Education has an on-line portal which will support students in providing additional information on CV and cover letter writing; job interviews and assessments.  

Innopharma Education regularly invites guest lecturers from professional bodies, industry and recruitment to support learners and graduates career aspirations, to facilitate their engagement with employers and professional bodies, and to also consider post-programme progression options. This also enables the College to promote its programmes to employers of graduates.   

Innopharma Education plays an active role in monitoring the career progress of the graduates. Programme Administrators are responsible for communicating employment outcomes to the Programme Leads at regular intervals throughout and post completion of the programme. 


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