Student Services

Course Information 

Fees & Registration
Once an applicant has formally accepted an offer and paid the required fee or deposit the applicant is provided with details of the programme on which they will be enrolled, registration process, induction, timetables and any other information. The applicants are formally registered with the College and enrolled on a programme and associated modules in the LMS.

Each registered learner undergoes an induction programme which includes an introduction to the student handbook, Moodle access, learner supports, the role of the class representative, library, career services and facilities.

Withdrawing/Deferring from your course
Withdrawal: If you decide to withdraw from the College after you have started your programme, you must notify the College of your decision and follow the procedures for withdrawal. When calculating any refund, we will consider the date of receipt of your withdrawal form as the date that you left the College.

If you are exiting programme due work / medical / academic or personal circumstances you are required to fill in and send by email to Programme Manager and Change of Status form available on Moodle and fill in TUD form available on: 

Please note if you are completing course under Springboard scheme it may impact your future application for Springboard courses.

Deferral: A learner may be granted a deferral of an examination, a module or a stage under the Reasonable Accommodation Policy. In cases where a deferral has been granted, the learner will be recorded as deferred for that examination and the subsequent attempt will be treated as a first sitting for the purposes of progression and award calculations. Any marks already awarded for completed module components in that module will be carried forward.

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Library Services & Online Support 

Library & Information Service
The College plans to host a library at the primary teaching campus currently located at Sandyford, Dublin. This will be a study area and home to a varied book and journal collection dedicated to the College’s main disciplines. Alongside the physical space of the library, and the circulation of book loans to students, the College plans to maintain a significant online presence, with access to major journal databases and e-books. These allow students access to the latest peer-reviewed journals and academic papers on and off campus, as well as being able to browse the library’s catalogue.

Library inductions are provided for all new and returning learners, to familiarise learners with the library facilities, both physical and online.  

Online Services/IT Support
You will receive username and password to Innopharma learning platforms on the beginning of the course:

  • Moodle – notes, course dates and information
  • GoToTraining –on-line lectures
  • InnoSkills – e-learning

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