Industrial Evolutions, Revolutions & Developing Employee SkillSet to compete in Industry 4.0

Our Education & Training Development professional, Ann Ryan featured on the Education Matters Yearbook by addressing the changing skillsets required by new graduates by bringing a highly automated and digitally driven work environment. 

Technological evolution and innovation will always disrupt Industries and Economies. As we move into the fourth industrial revolution, technology and other factors will alter industries, jobs, and workforce requirements of the future.  The future of digitally enabled production will significantly change how we do things, utilising emerging disruptive technologies to enable 'Smart Factories' of the future. People are core to this change. We must be agile and collaborative as we move into a time where huge advancements in technology will change things.

As a manufacturing island, Ireland must sustain its strong position in the Biopharma industry by utilising our strengths as we move into Industry 4.0 Find about more about the emerging industry trends and the key skills needed to compete in the fourth industrial revolution by reading this very interesting piece. 

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