High-tech manufacturing: A powerhouse of Ireland’s economy

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What is high-tech manufacturing? It’s when the manufacturing of products requires a high level of technical and scientific knowledge, advanced machinery, and a rigorous quality standard. Broadly when looking at this sector in Ireland, it covers pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical devices, and food.

What are the career opportunities in this sector in Ireland? They are many and varied, and seriously on the increase. The pharmaceutical manufacturing sector alone announced over 4,000 new job openings this year so far. Nine of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies are here in Ireland, and they continue to grow. Our medical device sector is our newest success story; Ireland is now home to 300+ companies, and we’re the second-largest exporter of medtech products in the world. Food is our biggest homegrown industry, taking the produce of our green pastures and clean waters to export all over the world. Kerry Foods alone employs over 25,000 people, 900 of these are food scientists working just outside Naas on the next global innovations in food products and ingredients.

How can you gain skills for jobs in these sectors? Innopharma Education has been supporting people with the ambition to start or develop careers in pharmaceuticals, food or medtech. We are proud to say that 70% of our graduates have gone on to gain employment in these industries, and they have a strong network of alumni working in some of the world’s largest brand-name companies.

Courses range from Level 6 Certificates, through to Level 9 Masters and Postgraduate Diplomas, so no matter what career stage you are at, or what educational background you have, there will be a course to suit you.

 Their courses run country-wide, with centres in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, Waterford and Athlone. 

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