Q2 Story By Numbers


We were thrilled to kick off recruitment on the 5th of June. We've received 1,035 places across the HCI and Springboard+ initiative for our programmes across four high-growth industries: Food Science, MedTech, Pharma, and Digital. And guess what? We're already off to a blazing start! In just one month, we've received 525 accepted applicants.  


Every Tuesday for the last couple of months, all our programme managers have been giving an overview of enrollments and outcomes of their designated course from recent intakes. This is a great way to gain a deep insight and understanding of all of the courses, what type of student typically sign up, what works and doesn’t work and allows the team to share their experiences with everyone. It is a great way to not only learn from others on the process but a way to gain further knowledge of all of Innopharma Education's offerings.  

For each course, the programme lead discussed a recap on Sept 2021 and Jan 2022 employment and academic outcomes, programme total numbers, demographics, employment updates, academic updates, student success stories and finishing with a withdrawal break-down. Well done to all the programme managers for all the hard work gathering the statistics and analysing each individual student. All this data is very helpful as we embark on the next intake.  

See some highlights in the images below. 

Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

A selection of companies where our graduates are working

Company Logos

Student Success Stories

Student Success Stories

Ann Ryan at the Dublin Open Day

Dublin Open Day


Thanks to the team who attended the Limerick Jobs Expo on Saturday – there were 7 of us there and we were all very busy.  A big welcome to Claire McAuley who has joined our team in Limerick having completed Higher Certificate in Process Technology – she certainly got thrown in at the deep end on Saturday and more than coped well with it – well done Claire. 

There was a very busy footfall and we also availed of the opportunity on seeing a queue in the corridor for ‘Career Coaching’ to get a table in that room and definitely we identified potential students or candidates for the TS team that we then re-directed to our team on the stand.  

This was definitely the busiest of these Expo events that I have ever attended – it will be most interesting to see the conversion numbers I know there were lots of enquiries which we can report on once we have processed etc.  I know Anne also secured a Canteen session with Teleflex Medical which is another great outcome.   

Following on from this we have  Open day happening  in Limerick  & in Galway and have a number of company visits occurring  in Galway, Limerick & Athlone which will hopefully result in more applications for our programmes commencing in September. 

Limerick Jobs Expo

Limerick Jobs Expo

In partnership with Wolfgang Digital, we been nominated in the Global Search Awards for best integrated campaign! We're absolutely delighted to have been nominated on a global (!) level - especially given this is our first ever GSA entry for team Innopharma Ed!! Thanks so much to you all for working on the campaign with us throughout the year, it's an amazing joint achievement.

The winners will be announced soon, but fingers crossed we get to bring home another trophy for the shelf! But even if we don't, it's an achievement already to be recognised, especially given we're up against some of the biggest global network agencies in the world in this category.

Graduate Locations from recent cohorts

Graduate Locations


In partnership with Wolfgnag Digital, we WON the Best Integrated Campaign Award at the European Search Awards in May!!! It is great to receive international recognition for our work. What's really made us proud of this award in particular is that this is a really competitive category and very hard to win. There were 11 other finalists for this category, with 2 of them being other Wolfgang clients. So, we're extremely proud to be doing some of our best integrated digital marketing work with WG.

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This intake we have made the move to new email campaign platform and seen great results. We have also switched to the Innopharma Education team writing content in Feb which have been some of the best performers! The blogs written by the team constantly make an appearance in the top 10 blogs of the website. The 2 below are the star performers in terms of bringing in new traffic!

Blog Highlight:  We're also competing against some strong websites and often outranking them on the SERP. The best example is the blog on Digital Transformation Consultants that outranks all The Big 4 companies, who actually offer Digital Transformation Consultancy as a service! I think it's a huge win for our SEO-content strategy and a testament to the authority we have built up through our pillar-cluster approach.

Email engagement has never been better with the move to Klayvio! This platform also allows for more accurate reporting and segmenting of lists so that we are not spamming leads or students and they are receiving relevant information to the course that they applied for. Our engagement rates have never been better - Klaviyo is truly turning out to be a game-changer for us. Open rates are at an all time high, trending upwards of 40% on average!

With high engagement from both the blogs and emails, which is nice to see, but there is nothing better than the engagement translating to conversions. In June, email matched the conversations driven by Paid search and had the highest conversion rate amoungst all channels! These are also leading to increased registrations in our Webinars and Open Days.

We are continuing to build on this performance but it great to see the results to date. After changing our digital strategy we are seeing higher quality leads coming through which is extremely valuable.

Jennifer Clarke


Limerick  & Athlone :  We had 150 students sit exams in May  and 53 of those have now  completed   their L6 Pharma / L6 HC .  On the last eve we celebrated with some light refreshments (personalised cupcakes !!!  which went down a treat with all of them .  There was a great buzz and  the majority of them  were  eager to discuss their plans for  academic progression  onto the L6 HC & L7 Programmes with us

Noreen Hourigan our L6 Pharma Class Rep was also presented with a lovely gift from her fellow classmates which was so lovely to see and to hear from the class how she has helped and guided some many of them to get through the programme.   


Cork Limerick Team celebration

Cork Limerick Team celebration


Dublin Open Day 17th 

The Open Day hosted by Innopharma Education in Sandyford on the 17th of June was an exceptional success. The event generated an impressive turnout, attracting a multitude of enthusiastic individuals eager to explore educational opportunities. The atmosphere was filled with a great buzz as prospective students engaged in conversations, sought information, and interacted with the team. The Open Day proved to be highly fruitful, resulting in a total of 75 leads from interested individuals. Since the event, four of these leads have progressed to become applicants, and one is currently pending confirmation as a new student. It was truly gratifying to meet and connect with potential students, and we look forward to welcoming them to Innopharma Education's exciting learning community. 

Intreo Multi Sectoral Recruitment & Training Fair 

Alex and Jennifer attended for the the intero Multi-Sectoral Recruitment and Training Fair in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in mid-June. 

Webinar Kick-off 
We are thrilled to announce the successful kick-off of our webinar series! We were delighted by the tremendous turnout and engagement from our valued audience. The topics covered in the initial webinars were progression opportunities, Springboard+ course announcement, Digital courses and our Medical Device courses. Thanks to everyone who has joined us for these great sessions and to all the team for the hard work presenting and for support. The upcoming sessions include: 
Certificate/ Undergraduate Courses Overview: 25th July  
Food Courses Overview: July 27th 
All Courses Overview: August 16th  

Alex & Jennifer at Intreo Event

Alex & Jennifer at Intreo Event
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Great news - we got shortlisted for the panel stage for Learning & Development awards- thanks for all the help with the submission!


We believe in delivering top-notch content to our valued readers. That's why we are thrilled to share that every month, Wolfgang, crafts four informative and engaging briefs for our blogs. To ensure you receive the most insightful and expertly written content, we ask four of our industry experts to bring these briefs to life through their exceptional copywriting skills.

Last quarter’s blogs were nothing short of remarkable! We covered a diverse range of topics, from cutting-edge innovations in the industry to effective strategies for professional growth. Here's a quick recap of some of our standout blogs from last month:

We're incredibly proud of the performance of these blogs and the impact they have had on our readership. Not only do they bring leads through the funnel, but they put is in a leadership position for the life science industry.

Stay tuned for the upcoming blogs, as we continue to bring you fresh perspectives, expert knowledge, and captivating content! Remember to follow us on social media to stay updated with our latest blog releases and other exciting company news!

Thanks to everyone who contributed over the last quarter and for all your support. The blogs wouldn’t be possible without you.

MicroCred Conference

MicroCred Conference


A European forum on Microcredential’s was attended by Sandra organized by Knowledge Innovation Centre this quarter. This brought a number of European colleges together to review the growth in microcredential programmes, the governance of qualifications and how colleges are meeting the demands of industry through such short programmes.

From an Innopharma Education perspective we now have our second microcredential programme up and running since May 2023 in conjunction with Louth Meath ETB with 2 additional programmes being scheduled for September.

New Innopharma Team Members

New Innopharma Team Members

In May, we had over 400 students sit exams across 6 TU Dublin programmes from Certificate to Masters Level and 2 Innopharma Education Programmes. That's a total of 8 programmes across 4 locations: Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Athlone. Well Done to everyone who organised this successful exam period.

It was a great success with over 150 completing successfully and graduating with their QQ-accredited qualifications.


Ireland's life sciences sector directly employs over 50,000 people across medical devices, pharma and biotechnology and exports exceed €45 million annually.

Listen below as Ann Ryan (Flavin) discusses the opportunities to progress your career within these thriving sectors. Listen here. 


The International Job Support Team are working hard with our International Students. We currently have 568 students in process throughout the programmes. They provided intensive job search supports to our International students to assist them in securing employment in the Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical or Medical Device sector post qualification.  This involves an intensive three step coaching and mentoring  programme that is built into the timetable for completion during the course of their academic studies.  See graphic for students per cohort. 

International Students

International Students

May Exams in Limerick

Limerick team

We have had a busy quarter in lots of different areas, the main headlines are: 



Technology have recently made a sale to a university in Korea through a new distributor called Altoss. Altoss also have access to the Eyecon2 and will be able to present the equipment at several of the large equipment shows in Korea.  


In addition to some tradeshow that we have personally attended the Eyecon2 and Innopharma were represented by our distributors at 4 different events in Korea, China, India and Spain. We are delighted to have simultaneous global presence in such diverse locations. At each event the unit was presented by our distributors to new markets.



We were invited to numerous conferences to share updates and insights including:

  • The One4All project meeting hosted by InnoGlobal in Dublin’s Wynns Hotel
  • Chris O’Callaghan spoke at SK Biotech for an SSPC industry forum meeting with leaders in the chemical/biopharma field
  • Inclusion on a discussion panel at Innovation exchange event hosted by IDA sharing our experience as member of the Industry 5.0 Lighthouse Network.
  • Inclusion on a discussion panel on the subject of ‘Driving and empowering the workforce and technologies of the Future’ at Enterprise Ireland’s Technology Centre " Innovation Through Research Collaboration" Conference in the RDS
  • Darren McHugh and Girish Mallya were invited by Digital Manufacturing Ireland (DMI) to the inaugural launch of the new Visual Cognitive Manufacturing Group (VCMG) a group tasked with addressing key industry challenges for advanced vision technology used in manufacturing.


Team member introduction

My name is Sinclair Chibuzor Hillary, and I am from Nigeria. I hold a professional doctorate degree in Pharmacy (PharmD) from KNUST, Ghana, along with a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology from Innopharma Education/Griffith College, Dublin. Prior to pursuing my Master’s degree, I worked as a pharmacist in Nigeria for a year. Currently, I am engaged as an intern at Innopharma, specifically in the SmartLabs Development Project. In this role, I apply my knowledge and skills to digitalize the crystallization manufacturing process for the pharma, food, and chemical industries. My hobbies include watching football, playing table tennis, and hanging out with friends.

Recruitment Figures 2023



Darren and Laryssa visited the U.S. east coast last quarter to work with the FDA on installing their Eyecon2 and run tests with Ohms Labs for their processes. While there, they also took the opportunity to attend the Interphex show in New York and the Powder & Bulk Solids show in Chicago.



Caroline McCormack has finished a research paper funded by EI (Enterprise Ireland) to develop new methods of processing to further Industry 5.0. This paper showcases some of the benefits/advantages of smart automation when applied to DOE leading to more efficient experimentation and a cost/labour in modern facilities, and what is possible with new technologies.


Sinclair Hillary, and Girish Mallya were invited by Innopharma Education to give on-site demonstrations for the "Analysis of Big Data" module (delivered by Dr Áine Behan) that is part of the Level 9 "PGDip/MSc Digital Transformation" course run by programme lead Robert Farrell. The demonstrations focused on work that was done as part of the SmartLabs project. Sinclair presented the basics of cooling crystallisation and showcased a running crystallisation process in the lab. Girish delivered a high-level walkthrough of the simulation of some aspects of the crystallisation process, using data-based techniques.


New cohort 22 

This June we welcomed Cohort 22 - a new group of Validation Engineering Interns to embark on our 14-week training programme.  

We wish them every success!

New Starters  

Shirin Lutfiya started in a C&Q role at Eli Lily, Kinsale.   

6 New Starters in Regeneron, Limerick  

Alekhya Bonala – CSV Validation role  

Parmeet Singh Oberoi, Ashma Acchami, Sandeep Reddy Mora, Omotayo Ajayi & James Olumide Dada – all in QA Validation roles. 

Shirin Lutfiya

Hello! I'm Shirin Lutfiya from India. I hold a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a master’s degree in Biopharmaceutical Engineering from University College Dublin. I've worked as a production trainee in a medical device start-up and a subject matter expert in an EdTech company in India. Soon after my Master's, I completed Validation Training programme with Innopharma and joined Eli Lilly, where I currently work as a C&Q Engineer under Requalification department. I love painting acrylic natural landscapes and watching movies in my free time.


Parmeet Singh Oberoi

I am a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology graduate from Griffith College Dublin. I also hold a degree in Bachelor of Pharmacy from India. Currently, I am working as a QA validation consultant in Regeneron contracted through Innopharma Technology Limited. I have previously worked as a Quality Control Assistant and completed my internships in a hospital pharmacy and in a pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. I always wanted to explore various domains within the pharmaceutical industry, and I believe that validation is the ideal career for me where I am looking forward to learning and growing within the industry. In my free time, I like to work out and indulge in gaming activities. I also like to read and keep myself updated with the current trends.


Ashma Achhami

Hi, my name is Ashma Achhami, hailing from the beautiful nation of Nepal. Throughout my early years, I battled with self-doubt, underestimating my own abilities despite excelling in studies and harbouring immense potential. However, I am proud to say that I worked on myself and overcame these challenges so far.

Currently, I am working as a QA Validation Consultant at Regeneron, working through Innopharma technical services and I hold a level 9 post graduate diploma in pharmaceutical business and technology from Innopharma education/Griffith college.

I always dreamt of making my career in that sector where I could help people and make a positive impact utilizing my passion for science. This satisfies me and I believe it makes my life meaningful. So, I pursued Bachelor’s in science with a major in chemistry in Nepal. Later, I joined a Master's in chemistry to continue my studies. Although my master’s studies were interrupted by the COVID, I chose to pursue an abroad study option and completed Pg diploma in Ireland. This was followed by the transformative three-month work simulation training program in validation from Innopharma technical Services, which enhanced my knowledge, personal growth and ultimately paved the way to secure my current job.

Previously, I worked briefly as a sales manager and a part time high school science

Teacher in Nepal but had no experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, I successfully secured my career as a validation engineer. As a full-time, I enjoy spending my free time listening to music, spending time with loved ones, and exploring new places.

My determination, along with the continuous support of Innopharma team has played a vital role in my journey thus far.


Sandeep Reddy Mora

Sandeep holds a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from Nagarjuna university, Guntur, India. He has upskilled with a master's in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs from South East Technological University, Carlow. He previously worked as a pharmacovigilance scientist and drug safety quality specialist roles for the pharmaceutical clients Roche and Pfizer behalf of Tata consultancy services and Bioclinica in India. He himself likes to take on new challenges every day and select Innopharma technology services for the validation engineer internship programme. Recently joined in the quality operations team as a QA Validation engineer role subcontracted to Regeneron, Ireland. Sandeep loves to play cricket, badminton and table tennis.


Omotayo Ajayi

Omotayo holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He has upskilled with a master's program in Pharmaceutical Business and Technology with Innopharma Education at Griffith College, Dublin. He previously worked as a Process and Quality Control Engineer in the Oil & Gas and Chemical industry respectively in Nigeria. Furthermore, he was involved in the SmartLabs Project with Innopharma Technology team and has recently joined the Technical Services team as a QA Validation Consultant subcontracted to Regeneron. Omotayo loves to play chess and enjoys hiking in his free time.


Alekhya Bonala

I hold a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D) degree and have one year of experience in the healthcare sector, followed by 3 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Quality Assurance and in Validation focusing on ensuring the regulatory compliance and quality of processes within the company. Currently, I work as a CSV - Validation engineer, ensuring compliance and quality in computerized systems. Outside of work, I enjoy learning to play the Ukulele and listening to music as a way to relax after a busy day.


James Olumide Dada

My name is James Olumide Dada, I am a Nigerian who moved to Ireland after studying Microbiology and working in the Food Manufacturing Industry for several years as a Quality Supervisor and food Researcher. While in Ireland I got my BSc (Hon) in Pharmaceutical Science with Biopharmaceutics and now I am studying for my MSc degree in Food Business Management and Technology at Innopharma Education. I am delighted that I recently got a job in Innopharma Technical Services as a Quality Specialist. Apart from interesting documentaries and discoveries, I like playing football and listening to cool music.  Each of those activities is like a 'refresh' button

Paul in Action



Audrey, Caroline & Nicola met with the team in Amgen, Dublin for dinner at Elephant & Castle in May.

Luke & Sonia met with the Team in Regeneron, Limerick in June for dinner at the Cornstore Restaurant. It was lovely for the team to get together – it was a great turnout!  




Jobs Expo, Cork

Luke & Paul attended the Jobs Expo in Cork, which was a very busy event with plenty of footfall.

Jobs Expo, Limerick

It was a busy Saturday in Thomand Park, Limerick with Technical Services & Education Divisions teaming up to source potential candidates for our Validation & QC programmes & courses.



Love is in the Air ❤

Tech Services celebrated 2 recent weddings.

Wishing you a wonderful happy & healthy life together


Congratulations to Chris Maria Jose & her husband.


Congratulations to Pragya Kumari & her husband.

Congratulations to Pragya Kumari & her husband.