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High-tech manufacturing in the pharma, food and medtech sectors

High-tech manufacturing, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, is transforming how products are made. Household products we use every day are being manufactured more efficiently, safely, cost-effectively and responsively, through the use of technology, data, artificial intelligence and digital processes.

Transformation is also beginning to take place within the pharma, food and medtech sectors. Global companies and disruptive businesses in these sectors are adopting technology and processes that will change how medicines, medical devices and foods are produced. Which over the long-term will make companies more efficient, give more people access to high quality food and products, and reduce the amount of vital resources used.

Be part of the transformation

Innopharma has been at the forefront of high-tech manufacturing for 10 years. At our manufacturing innovation centre we invest in continuous development of a range of Industry 4.0 solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Find out more about Innopharma Technology here. 

Through our industry-linked certificate and degree courses, we give students the most-up-to-date insights on technological advances in the pharma, food and medtech sectors. 

Our team operates right at the heart of high-tech manufacturing, ensuring we understand where manufacturing innovation is heading and our courses are grounded in both current industry best-practice and the future of high-tech manufacturing. We've can help you be part of the transformation and future-proof your career.

Check out our Industry 4.0 certification in Advanced Manufacturing strategy.

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Pharma careers in Ireland

19 of the world’s top 20 pharma companies are based in Ireland and in excess of 50,000 skilled professionals are working in this sector. Five out of eight of the world’s top-selling drugs are produced in Ireland. Ireland is also the world’s largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals and is a globally recognised centre of excellence in pharma.

Graduates of Innopharma Education's pharma courses progress into a wide range of key business areas to progress their career: Product and Process Development, Engineering, Automation, Validation, Process Analytical Technology, Production Technician/Operators, Maintenance Support, Quality Assurance Analyst, Quality Control, Bio-Pharma, Packaging, Project Engineering, Lab Technicians, Process Technicians, Support Services.

Many Innopharma Education graduates are working in theses roles in leading pharma companies in Ireland, including Pfizer, Mylan, Boston Scientific, GSK and MSD to name a few. 


Medtech careers in Ireland

Ireland is home to 9 of the top 10 global medical technology companies. Over 32,0000 people are directly employed in Ireland's medtech industry and 4,000 new jobs in medtech are planned by 2020. 

Graduates of Innopharma Education's medtech courses progress into a wide range of key business areas to progress their career: Biomedical Engineering, Product Design, Regulatory Affairs, Technology Transfer, Validation, Automation, Operational Excellence, Quality Control / Quality Assurance, Computer Systems, and Data Analytics.

Many Innopharma Education graduates are working in theses roles in leading medtech companies in Ireland, including Boston Scientific, Stryker, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson and Abbot.

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    Food science careers in Ireland

    Food science is becoming more and more important: over 50,000 people are directly employed in Ireland's Food Industry and 23,000 new jobs are anticipated in the food sector, as specified in the Food Wise 2025 report.

    Graduates of Innopharma Education's food science courses progress into a wide range of key business areas to progress their career: Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Operator/Technicians, Maintenance Technician, Utilities Technician, Regulatory Affairs Roles, Documentation Administrator, Warehouse Operatives, Stock Control, Planning and Logistics Administrator.

    Innopharma Education graduates are working in leading food companies in Ireland including Kerry Group, Glanbia, Ornua, AllinAll Ingredients and Heineken.

    Upskill for the Pharma Industry 

    Certificate in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Operations

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    Higher Diploma in Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing  

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    MSc in Pharmaceutical Business & Technology

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    Advance your knowledge for the Med-Tech Sector 

    BSc in Process Technology 

    Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Device Technology 
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    Gain unique skills for the Food Industry 

    Certificate in Food Science & Technology 

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    Higher Diploma in Food Science & Technology 

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    MSc in Food Business Management & Technology

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    Pharma Courses

    Gain unique skills and expertise for the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

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    Medtech Courses

    Enhance your knowledge and skills for the Medical Device Industry. 

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    Food Science Courses

    Advance your skills and capabilities for the Food & Beverage Industry.  

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