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Innopharma & BioPharmaChem Ireland

Innopharma would like to thanks those who came along to our Pharma 4.0 event last Wednesday the 4th December. We hope you enjoyed the experience. We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of industry leaders and speakers, alongside BioPharmaChem Ireland, to discuss the key challenges and opportunity with the future of the BioPharma industry.

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Dr. Ian Jones – Founder, CEO

We started off with CEO of Innopharma Dr. Ian Jones who gave an overview of the event and introduced leaders for the pharma industry, government officials and academics partners. 

Ian highlighted that due to advancements in the Pharmaceutical sector, there will be a significant increase in accuracy and automation. Like many industries, the pharmaceutical industry is only at the beginning of its 4.0 journey. 

With these advancements a significant need to educate our workforce is vital. It is great to see that the Irish government are increasing funding for the Skills and Education sector and this will support making the changes needed to sustain our strong position of hi-tech manufacturing in Ireland and evidently Europe.

Minister of State for Higher Education

Mary Mitchell O'Connor

Mary Mitchell O’Connor officially launched the Pharma 4.0 morning event where she acknowledged the key higher education institutes and the work that they’ve all done to upskill and reskill people into the Pharma industry. She welcomed Henrik Von Scheel on his first visit to Ireland, who spoke to us about the opportunities afforded by what he has come to call the fourth industrial revolution. She looks forward to how we can get ready ourselves for the changing nature of the BioPharma industry.

BioPharmaChem Ireland

Matt Moran

Matt discusses the strategy for the BioPharma industry over the next few years. First of all, he stated that must manage and maintain what we currently have, which is a strong Bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. The strength of the skills and talent in the country needs to be carefully managed and expanded on while moving into the future.

He talked about how do we stay competitive in the future. Ireland is a major sourcing location for Biopharma and Chemical Manufacturers so we must use this to our advantage as we move with the future trends and continue to stay ahead of the other players in the market.

To conclude, Matt discusses that the future lies with us addressing the trends and changes that we see but are also presented to us by the market and society. The key driving forces is the ability of people to innovate and collaborate. This is a hidden strength that needs to be addressed as we bring all of our resources together to meet the challenges that Pharma 4.0 brings.

Founder of Industry 4.0

Henrik Von Scheel

Followed by a fantastic keynote presentation by Henrik Von Scheel, the originator of Industry 4.0 and mastermind of the “digital” theme of today. Henrik discussed the 4th industrial revolution concerning the Biopharma industry, on what it is and what it means for Biopharma and how to apply it. Industry 4.0 will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, our economy and how we relate to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity, the disruption is unlike anything humankind has experienced before. It is disrupting every industry and economy in ever country. 

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Find out what happened during our afternoon session

The day continued with an afternoon talk from Henrik and industry leaders from Microsoft and Innopharma. 

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