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Wellbeing is an important part of studying at third level education. In addition to the supports we offer internally, the freely available resources below may help you with issues you may be facing.

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  1. Gov.ie – Wellbeing advice and resources during Covid-19

    Great resource with videos and PDF documents containing tips and guides on a variety of aspects such as staying active and connected, managing thoughts and feelings/stress and anxiety – a guide for students and relaxation techniques. Click here to view.

  2. Department of Education and Skills – Relaxation Techniques from the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS)

    Have you been feeling anxious, worried or stressed lately? If so, this podcast might help. Find a quiet corner, get comfortable, press play and let a NEPS psychologist talk you through some relaxation techniques. Click here to view.

  3. StudentMinds.org.uk – Looking after your mental wellbeing

    Some tips and ideas around how to look after your mental wellbeing. Click here to view.

  4. Teaching and Learning National Forum – EDTL Approach for students: planning for effective learning during Covid-19

    An infographic with guidelines for effective learning during Covid-19. Click here to view.

  5. NHS.uk – Student stress: self-help tips

    A webpage explaining the signs of stress, things that can help and when to seek help. Click here to view.

  6. HSE.ie – Healthy Eating and Active Living Programme

    A collection of resources from the HSE. Click here to view.

  7. HSE.ie – Health and Wellbeing: Key Facts

    Statistics on physical activity, diet and nutrition, overweight and obesity in Ireland and health inequalities. Click here to view.

  8. HSE.ie – Minding your mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic

    A set of resources, advice and tips on looking after your mental health during the pandemic. Click here to view.

  9. iFightDepression – Self-Management Tool

    The iFightDepression® tool is a guided, internet-based self-management programme for individuals experiencing mild to moderate depression that was developed based on existing evidence, best practice recommendations and user and expert consensus. The webpage is available in 15 languages and has tips on various aspects such as Daily Organisation, Healthy Sleeping Habits and Physical Activity. Click here to view.

  10. HSE.ie – Minding Your Wellbeing Programme

    A new video-based mental wellbeing programme called Minding Your Wellbeing is now freely accessible. Brought to you by HSE Health and Wellbeing, this evidence-based programme provides a unique opportunity for people to learn more about mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience. Click here to view.

  11. Laya Healthcare – Peace of Mind: Your guide to Mental Wellbeing

    A document with guidance, tips and advice on looking after your mental wellbeing. Click here to view.

  12. Laya Healthcare – Resources

    A variety of resources from videos to articles and advice on the topics of Health, Lifestyle and Family. Click here to view.

  13. Mental Health Ireland – Your Mental Health
  14. Five ways to wellbeing guide – Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give – all available on the Laya Healthcare website. Click here to view.


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