Embracing a Brave New World - Unveil Our New Branding

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days for Innopharma. From the launch of a whole new brand image on Monday to the launch of their new Eyecon2™  on Tuesday in Germany, it’s certainly an exciting time for the company. We caught up with Fidelma Callanan, Head of Marketing, to find out more about the new look.

Reflective Of Growth

Innopharma started in 2009 as a small organisation with the aim of developing tailor-made process analytical technologies (PAT) for the pharmaceutical sector. The education side of the company grew from an initial up-skilling contract with IIT in 2010 to now offering six programmes up to Masters level with ITT and also to the founding of the Innopharma Griffith faculty of Science in 2015. With the two sides of the business thriving in their own right, it seemed a fitting time to take stock of the brand’s image to see if it was reflective of where the company is headed. Fidelma explains:

‘We felt it was a good time to look at our branding and to develop a new look which demonstrates better where we are now and where we want the business to grow.  The new rebranding reflects the key values of our company – visionary, innovative and collaborative which is education and technology-focused’.

Separate But Linked

As the technology and education sides of the business have grown it has become more important to show them as distinct, yet complementary parts of the business. The education side is conveyed using purple colours, while the technology side of the business is in green. Fidelma notes:

‘They feed into each other but the use of two separate colours allows some differentiation between the two offerings.’

However, the link between the two strands is still a crucial element to the business and the new logo had to be reflective of this. The ‘vision’ icon remains at the heart of both logos reflecting the vision at the heart of Innopharma.

In Keeping with Brand Values

Designed by Catalysto, the new logo is reflective of where Innopharma sits now, as an award-winning, premier education, research and technology institute for the pharmaceutical medical device and food industries. Although the company may have undergone a makeover of sorts, the heart of the business remains the same:

‘The main aim of Innopharma is still the same, to upskill those interested in working the pharma, medtech and food industries and also to continue offering PAT technology solutions to the industry.’

What’s Next?

It’s business as usual for Innopharma with the technology team busy promoting the new Eyecon 2 at POWTECH in Nuremberg, while the education team are hard at work preparing for a fresh group of new level 6 students – the first students to see the new logo and design. There is also an exciting new education training partnership with LEO Pharma announced this week. The launch of the new logo, however, offers a moment of pause and reflection on just how far the business has come.