Wondering Which Master’s Degree Is the Right Fit for You?

Deciding to take the plunge and study for a Master’s Degree is a potentially life-changing move that can put you on the fast track to your ideal career. But choosing a Master’s Degree is not something to be taken lightly. You will be dedicating a lot of your time and effort to the course. So before you dive in, step back and take the time to ask yourself these key questions.

What are your career aspirations?

Before selecting a Master’s Degree, take a moment to visualise the type of career you aspire to. Perhaps you see yourself in a more specialist research role or a more senior position. Maybe you want to increase your earning potential. It’s important that the Master’s you decide on will help you to achieve whatever goals you have in mind.

What Are The Job Prospects Like?

It pays to do your research. As well as researching the Master’s itself, take a look at the current jobs available in the area you want to move into. Keep an eye on news stories and stay abreast with any growth areas in the industry. If you want to upskill, improve your career advancement prospects in pharma, medtech or food industries, then Innopharma College of Applied Sciences courses are designed to meet these industry needs and so choosing to study with us ensures your skill-set will be sought after when you graduate.

Will It Grow Your Network?

Expanding your network within the industry is one of the not so talked about benefits of furthering your study. Over the course of your study, you will undoubtedly make some great friends and gain useful contacts from your fellow alumni. But another thing that should inform your decision is whether or not the college will offer you access to their own industry connections. At Innopharma College of Applied Sciences, we pride ourselves on our strong ties to the industry. We mine our industry contacts to help our students land interviews and make key connections.

Are you Genuinely Interested in the Area of Study?

Yes, it’s important to be somewhat practical when choosing a Master’s Degree. To think about the type of job, salary and ROI you will attain. But equally as important is to have an interest in the area of study. A genuine interest in what you are studying will make dedicating your time to the subject much easier, and more fulfilling too.  

What do Past Students Have to Say?

Take some time to look at what past students have to say about the course you are considering. Read the testimonials of former students and if you’re still not sure, ask the college if you can meet with one of their past students to chat about how they found the course. We would be happy to connect you with previous students to talk through any questions you have.

Where Are Past Students Working Now?

Ask the college where past students of the course are working now. This will help you to determine if the Master’s is in line with your career aspirations.

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At Innopharma College of Applied Sciences, we want you to succeed in whatever Master’s you decide on. That’s why we offer our students a support system of interview preparation, C.V. workshops, and career guidance. If you are considering a Master’s in the pharmaceutical, medtech or food sciences fields don’t hesitate to get in touch - we will happily answer any of your questions.

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