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Diana Schroedar - PGDip in Medical Device Technology & Business

My name is Diana Schroeder, in September 2023 I finished the Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Devices Technology and Business with Innopharma Education and Griffith College, funded by the Springboard+ initiative. Attaining the esteemed QQI Level 9 offered a range of benefits and opportunities for my future career. In the Covid-19 pandemic, I got redundant after working 13 years in the hospitality industry and I chose this course because I wanted to upskill in the dynamic field of the MedTech industry and to dwell into the intricate intersection of technology and business. This academic year was a massive lesson, but it was also a blessing. I am so proud and thrilled that it helped me build my self-confidence through my resilience and determination in getting things done the way I wanted them to be. With an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and limitless enthusiasm, I present the profound insights and findings that have unfolded throughout this transformative academic experience, why this programme was advantageous and what I’ve learned;  

Specialized Knowledge: This programme provided a deep and specialized understanding of medical device technology and business, knowledge that is invaluable in a rapidly evolving field, allowing to stay current with the latest advancements and industry trends.  

Industry-Relevant Skills: I acquired practical skills that are directly applicable to the medical device industry. I learned about skills related to product development, regulatory affairs, quality management, marketing, and business strategy within the medical device sector.  

Networking Opportunities: PGMDT provided opportunities to connect with professionals and experts in the field, finding new job opportunities, gaining insights, and building relationships that can support my career in the future.  

Career Advancement: With specialized knowledge and skills, students are better positioned for career advancement whether they are looking to move into leadership roles or take on more responsibilities in the current position, the program can enhance these qualifications.  

Understanding Regulatory Compliance: Medical devices are subject to strict regulatory requirements. This program in medical device technology and business covers regulatory affairs, ensuring that we, the students, understand the compliance landscape, which is critical for the success of any medical device product.  

Global Perspective: The medical device industry is often global in nature. A program that incorporates an international perspective prepares you to work in diverse markets and understand the challenges and opportunities that come with a globalized industry.  

Adaptability: The MedTech industry is dynamic, and professionals need to adapt to new technologies and market conditions. A comprehensive program fosters adaptability, which enables you to thrive in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.  

Credential Recognition: Completing this Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Device Technology and Business enhance the credibility in the eyes of employers, potentially opening doors to more opportunities. 

 As I am still searching for the perfect job in MedTech field, this educational journey has empowered me to cruise regulatory landscapes skillfully, anticipate market trends, and strategically position products for unparalleled success. As Socrates said "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing,” reminds me that chasing knowledge is an ever-evolving process, and my learning journey has only just begun. In conclusion, I want to thank you for all the support and patience I received from Innopharma Education, my family and friends, and here's to an extraordinary future filled with success, impact, and limitless possibilities! 

Diana Schroedar

Diana Schroedar 

Diana completed our Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Device Technology and Business after being made redundant in the hospitality Industry.