The Sibling Power - Ross, Scott & Nathan's Story

Higher Certificate in Process Technologies Graduates

My twin brother Scott and I worked in a Micro lab for 4 to 5 years and we both wanted to further our education as we had no science-related qualifications apart from work experience. We then discovered Innopharma Education and enrolled to do the Certificate in Food Science and Technology funded by the Springboard+ initiative. We both found the course brilliant in the way that it suited people who work or who have a busy schedule as all classes are recorded so you can watch them back if you miss any classes. It was great that we could help each other throughout the course. After graduating from the Certificate, we both moved on to complete the Higher Certificate by studying the Certificate in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Operations funded by Springboard+. And now, my younger brother, Nathan, has joined the Innopharma Education Journey.   

Since starting my journey with Innopharma Education so many doors and career opportunities have opened for me, I can't speak highly enough of innopharma education and what it has done for me and my two brothers. 

We both have started new jobs; I am a Quality Health & Safety and Environmental Manager at Novostrat Performance and Scott is a QA Technician at Ornua. The future is looking bright thanks to Innopharma Education and Springboard+ courses and all the help and guidance we received from the staff and lecturers. I would highly recommend Innopharma Education to anybody willing to learn and enhance their career opportunities.

Hughes Brothers

Scott, Ross & Nathan Hughes  

Ross & Scott are twin brothers from Tipperary who completed our Higher Certificate in Process Technologies, after they graduated their younger brother Nathan started the Level 6 in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Operations.