Why Upskill for the Food Science Industry?


You can build a career in a number of ways. Traditionally, you chose an industry, get a foot in the door and work your way up the ladder. In recent years, we have seen that many people prefer to work across a variety of businesses for short periods to develop a more rounded experience. A big part of that trend is the need to upskill.

Upskilling is a great way to re-energise a career or move in a new direction. It’s a way to build on skills you have and apply them in a more lucrative or more exciting area. If you’re looking for a change, there are huge opportunities in the Food Science industry both in Ireland and internationally. 

It’s Ireland’s largest indigenous sector

Food science is important for many reasons. First of all, the Food Science sector is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in Ireland. Food and Beverage products account for nearly 11% of Ireland's exports and now exceed annual exports of €10 billion. The industry also accounts for over 8% of Ireland’s GDP. Some of the world’s leading multinationals such as Cadbury and Unilever have strategic bases in Ireland, while Irish-owned firms such as Kepak and Kerry Group are among the biggest in the world.

The industry has experienced a lot of growth in recent years, with exports consistently reporting high single-digit growth in recent years. The government expects this trend to continue and has stated its commitment to continue to invest in the industry, as outlined in its Harvest 2020 strategy.  This growth and continuing investment equate to more jobs coming online. The demand for graduates with knowledge of Food Science has never been higher.


It’s not just for scientists

That demand has expanded beyond pure science talent too. The Food Science sector is already an extremely skilled industry with more than 50,000 people directly employed in Food and Beverage processing; however, the skillsets required are becoming more and more varied. Technology is changing the way most businesses operate and the Food Science Sector is no different, with increasingly sophisticated processes creating a need for new skill sets. These businesses are more than manufacturers; they are large, global businesses, meaning they require commercial and business skills to complement their technical needs. Upskilling in areas like food business operations, management or technology will put you in demand.

Bright Career Prospects for You

Having some of the top Food and Beverage manufacturers in the world in Ireland doesn’t just create opportunities for varied skillsets; it also creates opportunities for career growth. Most of the larger organisations invest heavily in their talent offering opportunities to adapt, upskill, and move up the career ladder. Upskilling to move into the Food Science industry may fit into the modern career template of varied experience, but it could also be the first step on an established career path in Food Science.

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