Who Are Innopharma? Our Story

Through an almost decade long dedication to, and investment in, Advanced Manufacturing, Innopharma Technology has developed an integrated platform of technologies for the pharmaceutical industry which includes Process Analytical Technology (PAT), fused with automated process control and manufacturing intelligence.  These technologies have been proven to enable quicker process development, scale-up and commercial manufacture of safer and cheaper medicines for patients worldwide.

Innopharma’s research efforts continue to result not only in some great technology but also in the growth of strong collaborative relationships with pharmaceutical, food and MedTech companies. This places Innopharma in a unique position of understanding the changing needs of the industry.  In 2010 CEO Dr Ian Jones applied this insight and founded Innopharma Education to meet the strong industry demand to retrain engineers and scientists for new roles in the pharmaceuticals, medical device and food industries.

Since 2010 Innopharma Education has continued to develop the knowledge, capabilities, strategies and team to deliver increased employment levels for Ireland by increasing the output of high-value STEM graduates for high-value jobs.  Innopharma has a proven track record in successfully placing people in careers with over 2,000+ students successfully graduated in the past 6 years.

Learn from the Industry Experts 

Innopharma’s programmes have all been designed in conjunction with industry partners, Innopharma lecturers also bring their industry experiences and connections to their teaching - many have worked as senior management with major blue-chip multinational companies.

In-Demand Skills

Upskilling for the Life Science and Food industries will open you up to lots of exciting career prospects.  Ireland's pharmaceutical industry continues to grow strongly and is now generating over 50% of our country’s exports.  Ireland is also a global hub for the MedTech industry with over 300 MedTech companies in Ireland. The food sector is another great area of opportunity as it is our largest indigenous sector with exports now exceeding €12 billion annually.  Research at Innopharma reflects the optimism for job growth in these key manufacturing sectors with over 91% of pharma and MedTech companies surveyed planning to hire during 2017 and 2018.

Recognizing this critical skills deficit, however, doesn’t always make it any easier to find the right job.  Getting your foot in the door can be a challenge when you are trying to break into a new industry.  Innopharma courses are specifically designed not only to deliver industry knowledge but also to emphasize job-seeking skills.  A professional development team focuses on individual assessment and improvement, coaching for interviews and CV preparation, all guiding participants to develop a suitable career path.

It’s no surprise then that 70% of students of Innopharma College are in employment within 6 months of graduating

Study Part-Time

Innopharma courses cater for all industry needs and skills levels from level 6 (post-leaving-cert) through to Masters (MSc) qualifications.  All classes are recorded and broadcast online to meaning your education comes when and where you need it most.

Want to Find Out More?

Competitively priced, flexible, and developed by industry experts, our Master’s programmes will help you take your career to the next level.

Give your career an innovative future today with Innopharma College of Applied Sciences. Contact us today on +353 1 4853346 or email us at admissions@innopharmalabs.com