5 Tips To Help A Career Change

The new year is traditionally a time for change and re-evaluation. While the gyms might suddenly fill up with people trying to get their body in shape, another area worth getting into shape is your career. Whether you’d like a more senior position, better pay, flexible hours or better opportunities – it’s all within your grasp. Here’s how:

1.Assess Your Priorities

Once you’ve set your mind on changing jobs, it can be difficult to know where to start. All you may know for sure is that you’re unhappy in your current situation. While dramatically quitting your current job might seem like a thrill, trust us, it’s never the answer. It’s much better to calmly come up with a solid strategy before you take the leap. 

Take your first steps by compiling a ‘New Career Wishlist’. If you’re after better pay, for example, set a goal of how much. If you’re sick of your long commute, then geotarget your job search. Now is your chance to right the wrongs of your current job so give this part serious thought.

2.Speak to People

Don’t dive headfirst into a new career without conducting some research first. While you can find a lot of useful information online, nothing beats talking to someone with first-hand experience in the area. If you know someone in the industry, then invite them for a coffee and a chat. If you don’t know someone, ask around – you’ll be surprised at who knows who on this small Island. Industry events and conferences are also a great way to meet people. Just make sure you’re ready to lead the conversation – prepare questions in advance to get the most out of it.

3. Identify Skills Gaps  

Next, look at your current skills and identify any gaps. If you’re changing to a new area, then you will likely have to undertake further study or gain relevant experience. If you’re going down this route, choose your course wisely. Pick a course with a good reputation and ask for testimonials from former students. Look for courses that offer part-time options and distance learning so you can work while you study if necessary.

If you’re interested in getting into the pharmaceutical, MedTech or food science industries, we offer award-winning courses from level 6 to Masters. All our courses are internationally recognised and delivered by industry experts. And every student benefits from our expert career coaching, CV workshops and interview preparation modules. We also work hard to connect students to jobs in the industry using our network.

4.Build Your Network

Have you heard of the concept of the ‘hidden job market’? It’s the term used to describe the huge percentage of jobs that are never posted and are filled by word of mouth. It’s estimated to account for over 60% of all jobs. As the saying goes - it’s who you know.

When it comes to your career, your contacts are critical. A simple way to build your network is to attend a networking group in your area. With hundreds of groups throughout the country, there is bound to be one near you. If you’re undertaking further study, then your classmates will be an invaluable network. Make sure to use them!

5.Bite the Bullet

We spend a third of our lives at work so make sure you’re doing something you’ve actively chosen. Start devising your exit strategy now and make 2018 the year you conquer your career.

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