6 Must-have skills you need for the Food Sector

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Food science is important and according to Food Wise 2025, a report compiled by the Department of Agriculture & Food, if you are eager to work in this sector you should aim to focus on developing skills in the following areas:

  1. Innovation: Production development, portfolio management, packaging technology and design engineering.
  2. Supply Chain Management: Customer requirements, standards, managing money and reducing inventory levels.
  3. Globalisation: International trade and logistics, multi-cultural skills, customer management and supply management.
  4. IT and Numeracy:  Automated manufacturing procedures.
  5. Leadership: Potential to lead cross-functional teams
  6. Commercial Acumen: Good financial and commercial judgement.

Our newly formatted Level 8 Higher Diploma in Food Science and Technology will give you all the ingredients you need to succeed.  And with just 2 evening classes a week, it's perfect for your busy lifestyle.  This free Springboard+ programme is now available to you if you are a homemaker, already in employment or if you are seeking employment.  Participation is suitable and convenient from any location nationwide:  Lectures will be delivered 2 evenings per week online.  These lectures are recorded for playback in event of not being available for the online evening session and for course revision.  Practicals and tutorials will be on two Saturdays per month delivered in Dublin and Cork

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