Ireland’s Booming Food Science Industry: How to Get Your Slice of the Pie

The future of Food Science in Ireland is very bright. Here’s why -and how- you might want to consider a career change.

Ireland’s Largest Homegrown Industry

Although it’s currently booming, the success of the Food Science sector in Ireland isn’t altogether new. Ireland’s food industry has long been one of our economy’s greatest strengths. Today it generates €26bn in turnover, over €10bn worth of exports and there are over 230,000 jobs linked to the sector. Ireland is the largest exporter of dairy, beef and lamb to Europe and the UK’s biggest supplier of food and drink. The stats are impressive, and the government is committed to the continued support of the industry.

Launched in 2015, FoodWise 2025 is a government-led strategy to build on the industry’s current achievements and take advantage of future growth opportunities. Recent changes, such as the abolition of milk quotas create both challenges and opportunities for the future. Current and emerging trends, like the increased consumer demand for protein products, also have a big impact on the industry, and it’s because of this that Irish company Glanbia has carved out a 12% market share in global sports nutrition based on their whey products, for example.

With the world’s population set to grow by 1 billion people in the next 15 years and the level of extreme poverty steadily declining, there is no wonder why food science is important and how the industry with markets is set to expand dramatically.

A Sector Brimming With Opportunities

A Food Science career path can take you in almost any direction. Roles span a variety of other sectors too, from biology to research and development, technology and health. Whether you see yourself working as a food technician, in product development, as a nutritionist or even a technical brewer, entering the industry opens doors to a wide variety of employment opportunities.

There’s also plenty of room to grow. Many of Ireland’s biggest employers in Food Science are major companies who look for the talent they can invest in. From indigenous stars like Kerrygold to global corporations based here such as Unilever, breaking into the industry will allow you to climb the career ladder, both in Ireland and internationally.

Update your Skills to be a Part of it

There have never been as many employment opportunities in the Food Science sector as there are today, and with another 23,000 jobs expected through the FoodWise 2025 strategy, it’s a fantastic time to join a lucrative sector. Of course, employers need to hire people with the right skills. Whether you’re thinking of taking your first steps towards a career in Food Science or want to update your current qualifications, upskilling allows you to get ahead in the industry.

Innopharma’s award-winning education offers a number of courses that can boost your CV, whether you want to update to certificate, diploma or degree level. Courses are available around the country and many have flexible options for studying online. Furthermore, with modules in Career Development and guidance from professional business coaches, it’s a practical way to break into this booming sector. Take a look at our full list of food courses for a taster of a career in Food Science or check the specific courses below:


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