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Do you feel fulfilled by your career? If the answer is no, then a change might be exactly what you need to motivate yourself and become fully self-actualised. Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for a moment. If you're not familiar with Abraham Maslow, he was an American psychologist who was very interested in the study of human motivation. In 1943, he published a theory about the human need to be satisfied. Maslow believed that human motivation was driven by needs and that these needs start basic and move all the way up to self-fulfilment.

In what looks a lot like the food pyramid that we're all familiar with, the levels on this five-tier pyramid dictate that once our most basic needs are fulfilled, our motivation moves to the next level up and so on. The highest level is called self-actualisation and this is where we reach our full potential. Until that level is achieved, we are destined to search for that fulfilment to find our sense of purpose.

A great career can help you achieve this and in Innopharma, we have specifically designed our Masters courses to fill gaps in the pharma, medtech & food industries. We are future-focused, with a desire to provide you with the skills you need to excel in a career. Because we have such strong industry ties, we know and teach the skills you need to get a great job in one of Ireland’s largest sectors.


MSc Medical Device Technology & Business

One of our newest MSc courses is a unique blend of Medical Device technology and Business. This master sets graduates up for a huge range of careers from Biomedical Engineering to Product Design.

Worried that you don’t have time to take on a course as part of your busy lifestyle? All our classes are broadcast live using an online training platform so you can attend physically in person or join the class online. You can even catch up on the class later as part of your revision because they are all recorded also.

MSc in Pharmaceutical Data Analytics

For those with a more analytical mind, our 12-month master’s programme in Pharmaceutical Data Analytics focuses on areas such as Pharmaceutical Processes and Production, Data Analytics, Data Visualisation and Strategic Thinking. The objective will be to develop skills specifically around clinical trials, so it is the perfect pathway into a career in this area. If you have data analytics experience in another industry and want to make a move into pharma, this is an ideal way to do so.


MSc in Clinical Research

If you’re interested in a career in clinical trials but you’re more of a researcher, then an MSc in Clinical Research and Business Technology will set up for success. Like all our programmes, a substantial focus of the course is placed on interview skills, networking and presentation skills. This prepares you practically to take on a host of available opportunities in this industry.

Want to take control of your career?

If you’d like to become the master of your future, now’s the time to find out how we can help you reach the top of that pyramid.

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