Springboard to a Great Future with a Course from Innopharma

In positive news for both education and future employment, Innopharma Education is delighted to announce free education places with our range of Springboard programmes for 2017.

What is a Springboard Course?

Springboard is the highly successful Government and ESF initiative to increase the workforce and lower unemployment by offering free educational places which are open to almost everyone. The success of the scheme over the past six years has seen the live register figures halved from 15% to 6.8%. The eligibility criteria make places available to those currently in employment, the unemployed, and those who were self-employed, and are actively seeking work.  

The Government strategically target training for industries which trends show the most potential growth and demand in, thus future-proofing careers for the courses’ participants.

Get In-Demand Skills

Innopharma College’s courses mirror those areas identified by the Government with free Springboard places on courses in the flourishing sectors of Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Food Production.  Ireland's pharmaceutical industry is booming with most of the top pharmaceutical companies based here which has resulted in Ireland is the largest net exporter of medicines in the world, generating over 50% of our country’s exports so it’s plain to see opportunities in this area. 

The country can also boast being the 2nd largest exporter of MedTech (Medical Device) products in Europe and we are fast becoming a hub for the industry with over 100 MedTech companies in Ireland including 13 of the top 15 Medical Device companies in the world.

Innopharma’s Food Science courses are another example of training in an area of endless opportunity as it is one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in Ireland. Food is Ireland’s largest indigenous sector and our exports now exceed €10 billion annually which is why food science is so important.

Proven Track Record

The Springboard courses at Innopharma cover a range of specialisations within these industries from manufacturing to data analytics and operations. The courses range from Level 6 to 9 which ensure something accessible for all applicants of varying educational background and experience.

Further education nowadays is designed to be flexible to fit in with today’s busy lifestyle. Both day and night time programmes are available with course lengths of between 5 and 12 months. They are based in various locations around the country and for participants unable to attend modules are available online and can be accessed at one's convenience.

Award-winning Innopharma College’s reputation for nurturing their students is renowned, with a Professional Development team who focus on individual assessment and improvement, coaching for interviews and CV prep, all guiding participants to develop a suitable career path.

Learn from the Industry Experts

The excellent tutors have the extensive industry-led experience, some having held senior management positions in blue-chip multinational firms in the pharmaceutical, medical device and food sectors. Innopharma also has a great network of contacts and connects graduates with companies further improving and hastening placement opportunities. It’s no surprise then that 70% of students of Innopharma College are in permanent employment within 6 months of graduating.

Find Out More

Taking part in a Springboard course is a great way to start something new, upskill, and be part of a bright and growing future. 

Contact us to find out more. Visit our  course page for more information, email or call us on +353 1 485 3346.


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