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Here’s Why Ireland’s Pharmaceutical Industry Could be Your Perfect Fit

On the hunt for a new job? One sector worth your consideration is Ireland’s pharmaceutical industry. It is rife with opportunities to carve out a well-paid career with room for advancement.

You may feel like you don’t have the skills or experience to get your foot in the door of one of the big pharma companies but that doesn’t have to stand in your way.

We offer a range of free Springboard courses that are funded by the government. The courses are designed to upskill people like you for a career in the pharmaceutical industry. We use our industry connections to help you find a job and have a 70% success rate in doing so.

Why upskill for Ireland’s Pharmaceutical industry?

The industry is huge

Our tiny Island of Ireland is home to nine of the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. And the industry is a vital part of our export market with pharmaceutical products accounting for half of all the goods exported from Ireland. There are pharmaceutical companies located all over Ireland, you might recognise names like Pfizer, Abbott and Mylan – all who have significantly invested in Ireland.

We are the 8th largest producer of pharmaceuticals in the world. Chances are a lot of your medicines were in fact, made here in Ireland.

There is a skills deficit

Currently, in Ireland, there are not enough skilled workers to fill the roles available in the industry. This means that once you’ve acquired the necessary skills for the industry you have an excellent chance of landing a role. Our courses include extensive coaching and mentorship workshops to help you optimize your CV and excel at interviews.

It’s well-paid and stable

By upskilling for the pharmaceutical industry you’ll be opening the door to a well-paid career. If you’re interested in moving up the ranks, you’ll also have lots of room to progress your career to a managerial role or move to a different specialism in the industry that interests you.

You can upskill quickly

Our Higher Diploma in Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturing are available for free through Springboard. This course can be completed in 12 months. It’s delivered 2-3 days per week and 2 Saturdays per month and available in Dublin, Cork and Limerick. The speed of the course means that time next year you could be in an exciting new industry!

Interested in Finding Out More?

We have courses starting in January and September each year. If you’re interested in finding out more you can call us on +353 1 485 3346.

About Innopharma Education

We are an award-winning education provider focusing on education for the Pharmaceutical, MedTech and Food Science industries. We are also a pharmaceutical technology company and we use our connections to industry to help our students to network and land their desired job. Our courses are delivered by lecturers with real, relevant industry experience. We can’t wait to help you get your career started.


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