The Most In-Demand Jobs in Ireland: Top 10 Industries to Keep an Eye on


Supply and demand. It’s a pretty easy economic model to get your head around. The less there is of something, the more it’s worth. 

The same principle can be applied to the world of employment. The fewer people that are qualified for jobs, the more those jobs are worth. 

Thanks to the rapid pace of technological changes, there are some key roles that employers are crying out for skilled staff to fill. Upskilling for these sought-after areas will put you in high demand. 

Read on as we answer the burning question: “what jobs are in demand in Ireland.”


The State of the Irish Job Market


A man and a woman shake hands after the woman lands a job in a job interview


Currently, Ireland is home to the fastest-growing economy in the European Union (EU). So, if you’re on the hunt for a job, you’re in luck. 

But like any job market, certain industries have larger workforce gaps to be filled. You’ll find more opportunities available to you in those sectors.

However, you’ll also find the competition is fierce for many jobs no matter what industry you’re in. So finding ways to upskill and increase your work experience allows you to stand out from those who are also trying to land similar jobs.


What Jobs Are in Demand in Ireland: The Top 10 Jobs That Are Taking Off

As the fastest growing economy, there are numerous ways to land a career on the Emerald Isle. But certain industries are seeing more growth than others. 

We’ve rounded up the top ten industries to look out for.


IT and Technology

More and more of the world continues to move to the online space. From social media platforms to eCommerce sites, people are using technology now more than ever before. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see the IT and technology industry as one of the most in-demand industries in Ireland at the moment. 

From programming and developing apps for storefronts to utilising process analytical technology to develop better pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, the IT and technology industry is vast. 


Opportunities in IT and Technology: 

  • Application Software
  • Programming
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Marketing

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the IT and Technology Industry: 

  • Software Developer
  • Application Developer 

  • IT Support Specialist

  • Software Engineer

  • Database Administrator

  • Process Technician


Data Analytics


A man and a woman work together to analyse data visualisations for their jobs in data analytic
One by-product of the digital economy’s rapid growth is the overwhelming amount of data it produces. This data offers huge potential to uncover insights for all industries, making it a valuable commodity. 

Data analytics can be applied across many sectors. For example, in the healthcare industry, data analytics can lead to life-saving treatment and better diagnoses. As a relatively new discipline, there is a huge demand for employees with this skill set. And data analysis is not just a sought-after skill in Ireland, it is also in high demand globally. This gives you the fantastic potential to take your career abroad if that’s what you’re after.

Our beginner’s guide to data analytics walks you through everything you need to know about big data and the skills that are required for the industry, too. 


Opportunities in Data Analytics: 

  • Healthcare

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Agriculture

  • Telecommunications

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the Data Analytics Industry: 


Food and Beverages

A young man prepares a dish in a commercial kitchen

Ireland’s food and beverage industry is big. And it’s only getting bigger. 50,000 people are directly employed in the industry. That is expected to increase by 23,000 people by 2025. That’s a sizable chunk of our workforce which is why food science is so important.

Couple that with the estimation that the global population is set to increase by 1 billion by 2030, and you’ve got the perfect storm for an in-demand career. 

Our food and beverages (think Kerry and Jameson) are world-renowned with a reputation for premium quality and massive export figures. There are hundreds of Irish food and beverage companies on the hunt for staff with the right skills. And there are plenty of opportunities for foodie types with a great idea to set up their own burgeoning business.

And while many positions include working directly with customers in a restaurant setting, there are plenty of science-based options available, too. 

Food science is the key to bringing new dishes to the table and marketplace in the first place. 


Opportunities in Food and Beverages: 

  • Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Tourism

  • Wholesale

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the Food and Beverages Industry: 


Accounting and Finance

The foundation of every business is accounting and finance. And some of the high-demand jobs in Ireland are found in the accounting and finance sectors. 

From advising businesses on proper investments to see growth, to helping smaller businesses manage their books to stay profitable, there are countless positions in this field. 


Opportunities in Accounting and Finance: 

  • Finance

  • Accounting

  • Business Planning

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the Accounting and Finance Industry: 

  • Accountant

  • Business Investment Advisor

  • Private Financial Advisor

  • Financial Analyst


Web Development 

When you’re ready to go out to eat at a new restaurant, what’s one of the first things you do? More than likely, you check their website. 

Or, a better example. If you’re looking to enter into a profitable, secure job, and you want to know what jobs are in demand in Ireland, where do you go? A search engine to find an article on it. 

All of these websites for businesses need to be developed, though. And that’s why web development is one of the most in-demand jobs in Ireland at the moment. 


Opportunities in Web Development: 

  • Retail 

  • Hospitality

  • Information Technology

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Education

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the Web Development Industry: 

  • Content Management Specialist

  • SEO Specialist

  • Digital Marketer

  • UX/UI Designer




A young Black woman uses a dry-erase board to teach two students in primary school


If you’re wondering, “are teaching jobs in demand,” you’re in luck. Because positions in education are among the top ten jobs in demand. Despite the challenges primary and secondary school teachers faced due to the pandemic and remote learning, these remain just as competitive as pre-pandemic. 

And with remote learning still being practised, opportunities for you to work from home have opened. 


Opportunities in Education: 

  • Government

  • University Education

  • Private Education

  • Public Education

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the Education Industry: 

  • Primary School Teacher

  • Secondary School Teacher 

  • University Professor

  • Private Tutor


Business and Entrepreneurship

As we know, businesses help make the world go around. And knowing how to effectively manage a business and sell across international markets is a skill set unmatched. 

That’s why titles in the business industry are among the top ten jobs in Ireland. And more than likely, they’ll consistently rank as the most sought-after in the future, as well. 

And while many careers lead towards a managerial position, you can also find a place in the digital aspects of a business. 

Innopharma offers courses in digital transformation to help you upskill for the business industry. If you want to know more about it, check out our digital transformation industry guide.


Opportunities in Business and Entrepreneurship: 

  • Retail and eCommerce

  • Hospitality

  • Tourism

  • Wholesale

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland for those with Business & Entrepreneurship Skills: 



If 2020 taught us anything, it’s just how valued and essential nurses are to the public. And while it is a demanding profession, if it’s the right one for you, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. Nursing easily fits within the top ten jobs in-demand at the moment. And it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. 

Opportunities in Nursing: 

  • Government

  • Private Healthcare

  • Public Healthcare

  • Education

What Nursing Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the Healthcare Industry: 

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Midwife

  • Intensive Care and Emergency Care Nurse

  • Hospital Administrator




A hand reaches out to use an ultrasound machine, made in the Medtech industry, for a pregnant woman

How would you like to make a device that saves someone’s life? 

Unless you already work in it, you are unlikely to know the scale of Ireland’s medical device industry. Suffice to say, it’s huge. 18 of the world’s top 25 medical device companies have a base in Ireland. It’s largely an export industry. And we’re one of the largest MedTech exporters in Europe. 

There are MedTech companies scattered throughout Ireland. But if you’re in Galway you’re at a slight advantage. This county has a large concentration of companies on the hunt for talent to fill roles. Ultimately, upskilling for the Irish Medtech Industry has never been so fruitful! 

Not to mention, Innopharma has numerous MedTech courses to help you take your first steps toward this lucrative industry. 


Opportunities in MedTech: 

  • Healthcare 

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Government

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the MedTech Industry: 

  • Clinical Laboratory Technician

  • Diagnostic Related Technician

  • Medical and Health Services Manager

  • Medical Device Consultant



Consider this for a moment. Ireland is the largest exporter of medicines in the world. Our tiny Island punches way above its weight when it comes to pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical industry generates over 50% of our exports and directly employs nearly 25,000. Pretty much every pharmaceutical company in the world has a base in Ireland. These are huge multinational companies like Pfizer and GSK and they have facilities all over the country. 

Demand for pharmaceutical talent in Ireland has never been higher and upskilling for areas like business operations or technology will put you in demand.

And just like with the MedTech industry, Innopharma offers many courses for the pharmaceutical industry, too. 


Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals: 

  • Private Healthcare

  • Public Healthcare

  • Government 

What Jobs Are In-Demand in Ireland in the Pharmaceutical Industry: 

  • Project Manager

  • Sales Representative

  • Laboratory Analyst

  • Manufacturing and Quality Manager


Get the Skills You Need to Land an In-Demand Job in Ireland

If you’re keen to plan your next career move to one of these lucrative industries, then you’re in luck. 

You can upskill with a course from Innopharma. 


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We offer part-time courses in many of the above industries. Not only that, but we also have courses for various levels. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a certificate, a Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree, there’s more than likely a course for you.

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