The Pharma and MedTech Industries are booming in Ireland: here's a list of companies hiring

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If you asked someone just a few decades ago to predict what one of the most booming career fields in Ireland would be today, it's likely not many would have said the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

But our world changes fast. And sure enough, Pharma and Medtech companies are now some of the most successful, forward-thinking, and fastest-growing companies in Ireland – as evidenced by the list of employers we’ve rounded up here. These multinational medtech and pharmaceutical companies and startups have open positions inin Dublin, Cork, Sligo, Limerick, Galway, Longford, Meath, Mayo, Clare, Westmeath, Limerick, Roscommon and Belfast.

As a result of the ever-changing and continuously growing Irish pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, these companies are all making big hiring pushes right now. If you’re eager to join the age of medical innovation, there’s never been a better time to get that CV ready, check out their open positions and get moving toward your future career.


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Global pharmaceutical and MedTech companies have a presence in Ireland

Ireland has been making serious strides when it comes to establishing itself as a major playing in the global medtech space.

  • Ireland is one of the top five hubs for Medtech in the world.

  • 9 of the world’s top-10 Medtech companies have a base in Ireland.

  • Irish Medtech companies export over €12 billion worth of goods every year.

  • With over 38,000 people working in the sector, Irish companies are currently the biggest employers of medical technology professionals in Europe. 

  • An additional 4,000 jobs at Irish Medtech companies will be added by 2020.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most exciting medical technology companies in Ireland that are actively recruiting skilled Medtech professionals.

And remember, if you need to reskill and upskill, a Medtech-related postgraduate course could help future-proof your career.

Irish MedTech and pharmaceutical companies across the country




What They Do


Cork, Sligo, Dublin

Hospital/homecare products

Abbott Ireland

Cavan, Tipperary, Donegal, Dublin, Longford, Sligo

Ophthalmic medical devices

Advant Medical


Medical device research/design/manufacturing 



Hospital/homecare products



Dublin Biologics 



Hospital/homecare products



Hospital/homecare products


Dublin, Mayo

Hospital/homecare products

Beckman Coulter



Bellurgan Medical


Medical device research/design/manufacturing 

Blueacre Technology


Medical device research/design/manufacturing 

BlueBridge Technology


Medical device research/design/manufacturing  

Boston Scientific

Cork. Galway, Tipperary

Vascular medical devices

Cambus Medical


Medical device research/design/manufacturing  

Capsos Medical


Vascular medical devices

Caragh Precision


Medical device research/design/manufacturing  

Cardinal Health

Offaly, Dublin Hospitals/healthcare products

Class Medical


Hospital/homecare products

Cook Medical


Hospital/homecare products

Creganna-Tactx Medical (part of TE Connectivity)


Hospital/homecare products

DePuy Synthes (part of Johnson & Johnson)

Orthopaedic medical devices

Eli Lilly

Cork, Kinsale Biomedicines/speciality care/ diabetes/ oncology



Medical device research/design/manufacturing  

Harmac Medical Products


Medical device research/design/manufacturing  




Hospital/homecare products

Integra LifeSciences


Hospital/homecare products

Mainstay Medical


Orthopaedic medical devices


Dublin, Galway

Hospital/homecare products


Dublin, Galway  Hospital/homecare products 

Natus Ireland


Hospital/homecare products



Health software



Medical device research/design/manufacturing  



Vascular medical devices


Dublin, Kildare, Cork Medicines 


Limerick Medicines 


Dublin, Clare Medicines/Diagnostics 


Dublin, Waterford Hospital/homecare products


Belfast, Cork, Limerick

Orthopaedic and vascular medical devices

Teleflex Medical


Hospital/homecare products

Utah Medical


Medical device research/design/manufacturing  

Veryan Medical


Vascular stents

Vitalograph Ltd


Vascular medical devices

Vivasure Medical


Vascular medical devices

Welch Allyn


Diagnostic medical devices

X-Bolt Orthopaedics


Orthopaedic medical devices



Medical device research/design/manufacturing  

Zimmer Biomet

Clare, Galway, Dublin

Orthopaedic medical devices



1.  AbbVie

Details: With two start-of-the-art manufacturing sites in Cork and Sligo, AbbVie is a big contributor to the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland. While many companies use culture as a selling point, AbbVie considers it essential to the entire business strategy and success of the company. For employees, this means professional development opportunities, team-building exercises and annual performance surveys.

What employees say: “Really good culture, great benefits and a very innovative environment.”

Glassdoor rating: 4.2

See open jobs at AbbVie >

2. Abbott Ireland

Details: Abbott is another innovator in medical device and equipment manufacturing. Jobs in a range of disciplines – including production, operations and quality assurance – are available at Abbott’s Sligo manufacturing centre. Just last year, Abbott also confirmed they plan to hire an additional 500 workers at their Donegal site over the next few years.

Glassdoor rating: 3.5

See open jobs at  Abbott Ireland >

3. Advant Medical

Details: Another medical device manufacturer, Advant Medical are currently experiencing exponential growth at their Galway plant. If you’re passionate about engineering a better future for healthcare and medical treatment, look no further than these guys.

See open jobs at Advant Medical >

4. Aerogen

Details: Galway-based Aerogen are a medical device company that specialise in aerosol drug delivery systems for the global critical care respiratory market. They’re also experiencing a growth spurt of late, so it’s well worth getting in while they’re looking to expand! 

What employees say: “Exciting growing company with some of the best talent around Galway. If you are willing to work hard and be challenged it’s a fantastic place to grow and learn and develop your career. Great people and lots of fun social events.”

Glassdoor rating: 4.1

See open jobs at Aerogen >

5. Alexion

Details: Alexion hold their headquarters in Dublin which is a large-scale biologics manufacturing facility. They are an extremely innovative company who treat rare diseases. Join them to achieve the impossible and browse their career vacancies. 

Glassdoor Rating: 3.1

6. ArcRoyal

Details: Meath-based ArcRoyal are one of the leading manufacturers of custom procedure trays and surgical accessories globally. If you live in Meath (or near enough to work here) it’s well worth taking a look at any openings at ArcRoyal, who in recent years have been looking to expand their medical manufacturing facilities.

What employees say: “Great local place to work.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.5

See open jobs at ArcRoyal >

7. AventaMed

Details: Another Cork-based medical manufacturer, AventaMed specialise in an ENT medical device that can insert ear grommets without the need for general anaesthetic.

See open jobs at AventaMed >

8. Baxter

Details: If you're a Dublin-based medtech professional in the market for a new job, start by looking at openings at Baxter – they're hiring a ton right now! Since expanding into Ireland a half-century ago, Baxter set up a thriving manufacturing site in Swinford that produces medical devices. Across its three locations in Mayo and Dublin, Baxter currently employs over 1,000 people. 

What employees say:  “Good environment to work, flexible working hours, overtime offered, free coffee from coffee machines, free breakfast and fruit.”

Glassdoor rating: 2.7

See open jobs at Baxter >

9. Beckman Coulter

Details: With over 10,000 employees and growing, Beckman Coulter is one of the world’s leading biomedical manufacturers. Every day, innovators here dream up clever gadgets to put to good use in patients’ and doctors’ lives. For aspiring medtech professionals based in the west, Beckman Coulter is among the best places to work.

What employees say: “Lovely staff, great benefits, good salary, great working hours.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.3

See open jobs at Beckman Coulter >

10. Bellurgan Medical

Details: There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Louth-based Bellurgan Medical – while they make components for medical devices, they’ve since branched out into creating solutions for the aerospace industry!

See open jobs at Bellurgan Medical >

11. Blueacre Technology

Details: A surgical device manufacturer based in Dundalk, Blueacre Technology has developed some of the most cutting-edge laser micromachining systems on the global market. Blueacre is a prime choice for workers looking to work in the increasingly lucrative medtech market in the east region.

See open jobs at Blueacre Technology >

12. BlueBridge Technology

Details: BlueBridge is a Dublin-based startup that specialises in developing medical apps. Their apps have quickly gained traction in the healthcare space in recent years, making them one of the most exciting medtech organisations to work for right now.

What employees say: “Small, flat teams; dynamic and expanding company.”

Glassdoor rating: 4.2

See open jobs at BlueBridge Technology >

13. Boston Scientific

Details: Boston Scientific is another global behemoth in the medical technology market, best known for manufacturing devices such as stents, defibrillators and pacemakers. Many of their openings are in manufacturing and clinical services, but there are numerous corporate jobs in other areas, such as sales.

What employees say: “Good environment for learning new skills and good facilities. Great for promoting further education and training.”

Glassdoor rating: 4

See open jobs at Boston Scientific >

14. Cambus Medical

Details: Based in Galway, Cambus Medical specialises in making hypotubes and components for catheter systems.

What employees say: “New integration of parent company methodologies is driving better methods and actions in the business. Management typically open to new ideas and ways to go about improving the QMS.”

Glassdoor rating: 2.9

See open jobs at Cambus Medical >

15. Capsos Medical

Details: Yet another Galway-based medtech company, Capsos were the pioneers of CapBuster, a balloon catheter and guidewire combination device that treats blocked arteries. 

See open jobs at Capsos Medical >

16. Caragh Precision

Details: Founded in Galway almost 40 years ago, Caragh Precision are a global leader in medical components and implants used to treat orthopaedic and vascular trauma.

What employees say: “Constantly evolving workplace. Offers constant challenges.”

Glassdoor rating: 2.9

See open jobs at Caragh Precision >

17. Cardinal Health

Details: Cardinal Health: Based in Offaly and Dublin, they work with health care providers focusing on patients care at a high quality while reducing costs. Join 50,000 others in a rewarding career that lets you make a positive impact on the customers and wider communities.  

See open jobs at Cardinal >

18. Class Medical

Details: Class Medical, a MedTech startup located in Limerick, are the creators of an innovative device to treat common urinary conditions, called the TUCSS valve. 

See open jobs at Class Medical >

19. Cook Medical

Details: The medtech professionals at Limerick-based Cook Medical develop surgical tools that facilitate and enable the performance of minimally-invasive surgery. Right now, Cook Medical has openings in several areas, including quality control and assembly.

What employees say: “Excellent hours with flexible start times, good opportunities for education once relevant to the business and good benefits.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.3

See open jobs at Cook Medical >

20. Creganna-Tactx Medical

Details: The Galway medtech sector is going from strength to strength, and Creganna-Tactx Medical, a manufacturer of minimally-invasive medical products, is one of the most innovative companies hiring in the county now.

What employees say: “Great company to work for, with unlimited opportunities for development.”

Glassdoor rating: 2.9

See open jobs at Creganna-Tactx Medical >

21. DePuy Synthes

Details: Specialising in medical devices for orthopaedics, spinal care, neuroscience and more, DePuy Synthes products have a strong presence in hospitals and emergency rooms across the world. As part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, DePuy is a market beast in the medtech sector and only growing larger and more dominant as time goes on. And because they’re always growing, they’re always hiring.

What employees say: “World leader in process excellence, drives innovation, friendly welcoming, inclusive and forward-thinking.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.8

See open jobs at DePuy Synthes >

22. Eli Lilly

Details: Lilly employs approx. 1,300 employees across its two locations in Ireland. The manufacturing plant in Kinsale supports the commercialisation, manufacture and supply of many of the newest medicines in Lilly’s portfolio. They are looking for candidates to fill roles in Engineering and Science. 

Glassdoor Rating: 3.1

See open jobs at Eli Lilly >20. Filtertek

Details: Filtertek specialises in manufacturing filters and fluid control components for the global medical device market. With presence in US, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and France, they also have operations in Ireland and are based in the Limerick area. 

See open jobs at Filtertek >

23. Harmac Medical Products

Details: Harmac Medical Products contributes significantly to the local medical manufacturing job market in Roscommon as a fast-growing manufacturer with cutting-edge capabilities.

Glassdoor rating: 3.6

See open jobs at Harmac Medical Products >

24. ICON

Details: Dublin-headquartered ICON provides drug development solutions and services to the medical device industry globally. At present, this company employs just under 15,000 people across 40 countries. ICON has jobs up for grabs in compliance, project management and manufacturing and operations

What employees say: “Great people in the company, very sociable and enjoyable place to work, good culture, flexible working hours, good training provided, good work processes in place, easy to learn and manage work.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.2

See open jobs at ICON >

25. Integer

Details: With its global headquarters in Galway, Integer is a big contributor to the global medical device manufacturing industry. Right now, Integer is expanding its medical assembly, operation and quality assurance jobs at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in New Ross.

Glassdoor rating: 3.4

What employees say: “Great leadership, salary and benefits.”

See open jobs at Integer >

26. Integra LifeSciences

Details: A world-leading medical technology company, Integra LifeSciences are best known for their orthopaedic instruments, devices and implants used by surgeons all across the globe. 

What employees say: “Good company making life-saving products. Great people. A company with a great future!”

Glassdoor rating: 2.5

See open jobs at Integra LifeSciences >

27. Mainstay Medical

Details: Mainstay Medical are the innovators behind ReActiv8, an implantable neurostimulation system.

See open jobs at Mainstay Medical >

28. Medtronic

Details: As the world’s largest developer of medical equipment, Medtronic offers a wide range of job opportunities for medical assembly line workers and other medical manufacturing positions for people based in Galway and Dublin. 

What employees say: “Inclusive, dynamic team, enjoyable work, close to patients.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.6

See open jobs at Medtronic >

29. Mylan

Details: Mylan has been supplying medicines that have been helping patients in Ireland and around the world for more than 35 years. They have two locations; Galway and Dublin and are the largest pharmaceutical employers in Ireland with over 1,500 they are always looking to expand.  

What employees say: “They had great benefits as well” 

Glassdoor rating: 3.1

See open jobs at Mylan >

30. Natus

Details: American medical device company Natus recently made waves by announcing it has plans to triple the size of its 22,000 square-foot facilities in Gort, Co. Galway. And the company is only getting bigger – as a result of the expansion, Natus has committed to growing its current workforce from 125 to 200 within the next three years. If we were you, we’d apply ASAP. 

Glassdoor rating: 3.1

See open jobs at Natus Ireland >

31. Neuromod

Details: Another medical device startup making waves in Ireland, Neuromod was one of the first companies that recognized the unique needs of individuals with chronic tinnitus – a realisation that powered their invention, the Mutebutton device.

See open jobs at Neuromod >

32. NeoSurgical

Details: Located in Galway, NeoSurgical manufacture laparoscopic port closure devices for use in abdominal surgeries.

See open jobs at NeoSurgical >

33. Neuravi

Details: Neuravi, acquired by Johnson & Johnson a few years back, were the pioneers behind new treatment for strokes. Called the EmboTrap, this device captures blood clots and restores blood flow in stroke patients.

See open jobs at Signum Surgical >

34. Pfizer

Details: One of the first global pharmaceutical companies to locate here, Pfizer has a large presence in Ireland. Ireland is a leading manufacturer base globally exporting to markets around the world. They operate across manufacturing, shared services, treasury, R&D and commercial operations so have a wide range of roles to offer. Search for a role in one of their six locations that suits you. 

Glassdoor rating: 3.8

See open jobs at Pfizer >

35. Regeneron

Details: Regeneron owns the largest biopharmaceutical production facility in Ireland, based in Limerick. Join them in delivering leading life-transforming treatments for serious diseases.  

Glassdoor Rating: 3.9

See open jobs at Regeneron >

36. Roche

Details: Located in Dublin & Clare, Roche is the world's largest biotech company. Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that benefit millions of patients around the world. They are the global leader in cancer treatments for over 50 years. Being such a successful and innovative company Roche are always looking for new recruits, make sure to keep an eye out on their website.  

What employees say: "Great company to work for"

Rating Glassdoor: 4.0

See open jobs at Roche >

37. Sanofi

Details: Based in Dublin & Waterford Sanofi look after human health. They are focused on their shared values and are always looking to expand their team. Join them in their manufacturing plant in Waterford and help them provide medicines to their number one stakeholders.  

See open jobs at Sanofi >

38. Stryker

Details: Medtech multinational Stryker has been busy operating a number of sites across the country since its expansion into Ireland way back in 1998. Today, it has an extensive medical manufacturing presence here, with Stryker products now available in more than 100 countries worldwide.

What employees say: “Great environment for the ambitious. Loads of opportunities to take on extra work, offer perspective and be given a front seat if one is inclined to look for it.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.9

See open jobs at Stryker >

39. Teleflex Medical

Details: Workers at Teleflex’s Westmeath facility work on medical products across a range of specialisations, including cardiology, urology, anesthesiology, respiratory care and more. 

What employees say: “Good benefits and friendly staff.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.4

See open jobs at Teleflex Medical >

40. Utah Medical

Details: Utah Medical is an American multinational company headquartered in Utah that creates both disposable and reusable medical products for women and babies. With an excellent reputation as an employer in the local area, Utah Medical’s manufacturing facility in Westmeath is regularly lauded for its vibrant working environment.

What employees say: “Great ability to work across various teams. Continuously profitable and innovative company. Great benefits and stock options. Exposure to all parts of a medical device company. Room to grow for innovative and motivated employees.”

Glassdoor rating: 2.9

See open jobs at Utah Medical >

41. Veryan Medical

Details: Veryan Medical was spun out from Imperial College in London in 2003. They design, develop and patent 3D stent technology using a nickel-titanium alloy. Otsuka Medical Devices acquired Veryan in December 2018. Veryan’s head office is in West Sussex, UK, and they have a research and development facility in Galway, Ireland.

See open jobs at Veryan Medical >

42. Vitalograph Ltd.

Details: Vitalograph is a leading provider of quality cardio-respiratory diagnostic devices, clinical trials and medical equipment servicing. Established in 1963 the Vitalgraph was created as a way to screen coal miners for pneumoconiosis, commonly called ‘Black Lung’. Today, Vitalograph has grown into a world-leading provider of cardio-respiratory products and services to primary and secondary care, occupational health, emergency services and pharmaceutical clinical trials.

What employees say: “The working environment is friendly and professional with realistic working hours and workloads. There are always social events planned.”

Glassdoor rating: 2.6

See open jobs at Vitalograph  >

43. Vivasure Medical Limited.

Details: Vivasure Medical Limited is an innovative medical device company based in Galway. Ireland is a Medtech hub for Europe with some of the industry’s largest companies located here. The company develops advanced polymer implants and delivery systems primarily focused on minimally invasive vessel closure in cardiology, interventional radiology and vascular surgery.

See open jobs at Vivasure Medical >

44. Welch Allyn

Details: The company was founded in 1915 by Dr Francis Welch and William Noah Allyn. They developed the world's first handheld, direct illuminating ophthalmoscope. Since then they have become an industry leader and a trusted partner to health care providers, caregivers, and patients around the world. 

What employees say: “Excellent learning environment. Compared to other places I've worked, WA is very forward-thinking in its practices. This is not always appreciated when you're still an employee, but something I realised after I left!”

Glassdoor rating: 3.3

See open jobs at Welch Allyn  >

45. X-Bolt Orthopaedics

Details: The X-Bolt gives biomechanically stronger anchorage with rotational stability, minimum bone disruption, and avoids spinning the femoral head. It is also easily reversible and removable if need be. Hip fracture is a major public health issue due to an ever-increasing ageing population globally. Failure of screw-based fixation in osteoporotic bone has a huge impact on patients' function and independence, adding massively to overall financial costs

See open jobs at X-Bolt Therapeutics  >

46. Zeus

Details: Zeus extrusion technologies develop polymer solutions that are stronger, safer, and more durable to improve clinical outcomes and raise the level of patient care. Through continuous innovation and by partnering with medical professionals and manufactures, Zeus is at the forefront of medical device innovation.

See open jobs at Zeus  >

47. Zimmer Biomet

Details: This company create innovations to help treat disorders of, or injuries to your bones, joints, and supporting soft tissues. Together with healthcare professionals, we help millions of people to live better lives.

What employees say: “Great teamwork environment where there are plenty of opportunities to learn and progress.”

Glassdoor rating: 3.2

See open jobs at Zimmer Biomet  >



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