What Is a Springboard+ Course and Why You Should Consider Applying to One


Innopharma Education is proud to partner with the Springboard+ initiative, which was launched by the European Union and the Government of Ireland. This initiative is an incredible opportunity for those within employment to upskill and progress their career and for those who are unemployed or who have been self-employed and are looking to return to the workforce. 

Since the European Union and the Government of Ireland are wanting to invest in growing Ireland’s economy, they’ve partnered with universities and facilities for higher education around Ireland to offer select courses. The best part is that these courses can be taken at no or very little cost. 

But we know there are questions around this programme, such as what is a Springboard+ course? 

We’re explaining more about this unique opportunity and how you can take advantage of it by securing your place in Springboard+ courses at Innopharma Education.

What is Springboard+?

Springboard+ is a unique initiative created to provide free or highly subsidised upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Through the Springboard+ initiative, select courses are available for those eligible at a free or subsidised cost. The purpose of the Springboard+ courses is to allow students to elevate their knowledge and skills in particular areas. 

Usually, these areas are highly sought after in Ireland’s workforce. If you’re looking to work in industries, such as biopharmaceuticals, food science and technology, or digital transformation, then there’s likely a Springboard+ course that’s right for you. 

Who is Eligible?

Springboard+ eligibility comes with a few requirements. The main priority of the Springboard+ programme is to benefit job seekers who are unemployed or self-employed and actively seeking work as well as provide workforce development to those already in employment.

You’ll also need to prove your residency status in Ireland to be eligible for Springboard+ courses. 

We have plenty more information regarding who is eligible for the programme in our Springboard+ guide. 

How to Apply for Springboard+?

Once you’ve made sure you’re eligible, including reviewing the residency criteria, for the Springboard+ programme, you’re ready to apply for the courses. 

To apply for any of the Springboard+ courses, you can go to the Springboard+ Initiative’s website. Register for an account and apply directly through their website. 

Check out our Springboard+ eBook for more information on applying to Springboard+ courses.

Why Study with Springboard+?

The Springboard+ programme is designed to invest in Ireland’s workforce and economy while also investing in people resident in Ireland.

It’s an incredible opportunity to take courses for free or through a heavily subsidised rate. It’s perfect for employed individuals looking to progress their careers and for unemployed people who are looking for jobs that require certain skills. It’s also great for those who have been self-employed and want to re-enter the workforce.

Because of the potential for an almost-free higher education, it’s an opportunity that is difficult to pass up for many! 


What Qualifications Can You Obtain through Springboard+ Courses?

Your course is recognised by the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). Depending on the courses you take, you can obtain qualifications anywhere between the NFQ 6 through NFQ 9 levels. 

What is a Springboard+ Course?

As you begin your research into the programme, you’ll want to know answers to the basic question: “what is a Springboard+ course?” 

  • What makes them different from traditional courses at a university or higher education programme? 

  • And what can you expect from them if you do enrol in a Springboard+ course?

In general, a Springboard+ course is a higher education course you can take to obtain qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge to help you secure jobs in the workforce or progress your career. 

These courses are hand-selected through the Springboard+ Initiative to help Ireland’s residents find jobs in highly-sought after industries. These industries include areas, such as food science technology, digital transformation, and the biopharmaceutical sectors

Read on to learn more about Springboard+ courses and how they can benefit you: 


Are Springboard+ Courses Any Good?

Because course fees are low or waived altogether, it’s natural for people to feel wary. Do the lower-rated course fees mean that the courses themselves aren’t any good? 

The great news is that that’s not the case for Springboard+ courses. 

All Springboard+ courses are recognised on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), or at the very least, they are aligned to the specific framework. After you successfully complete a Springboard+ course, you’re then eligible for higher education awards at the NFQ levels 6, 7, 8, or 9. 

No matter what Springboard+ course you choose, you can rest assured that you’re receiving a high-quality education. And these courses are sure to level up your current knowledge and skill set. 


What Happens if You Drop Out of a Springboard+ Course?

Life happens, and sometimes you’re not able to complete a Springboard+ course after you’ve already accepted your place in it. However, if you drop out of a Springboard+ course, there is the possibility that you will not be able to take any Springboard+ courses in the future. 

That’s because the European Union and the Government of Ireland are investing in both the economy and students who choose to take these courses. But by dropping out of courses completely (unlike finishing a course with a failing mark), students show investors that they may not be the best investment. 

If you do plan to take a Springboard+ course, it’s important to know that you’ll be able to see it through until the end of the programme length. 


How Long is a Springboard+ Course? 

Springboard+ courses vary in length, and some can be around 2 years long. Typically, that’s the case for part-time ICT Skills Conversion courses. However, the majority of Springboard+ courses are a maximum of one year in length. 


Are There Any Online Springboard+ Courses?

There are different formats you can choose from for specific courses. However, not every Springboard+ course comes in all formats. 

Some courses require you to be on campus and learn in class. There are some opportunities for solely online Springboard courses. The majority of courses are a hybrid of the two learning formats, with certain hours spent in class and certain ones spent online. 


Can You Do More Than One Springboard+ Course?

When you know that you’re ready to upskill a particular field, it can feel exciting to take the next step. And in doing so, you may feel as though you need to apply and take more than one Springboard+ course at a time. While you can apply to multiple courses, at any one given time you can only be registered for one Springboard+ course. 


What Are the Springboard+ Course Fees?

Another factor to consider when researching Springboard+ courses is the cost associated with them. Specifically, you’ll want to know if you need to pay any fees for courses. 

While each course is different and each student’s Springboard+ circumstances may differ, typically if you’re a “returner to the workforce” or if you’re unemployed, your course fees are fully covered, regardless of the NFQ level. If you’re currently employed and you’re applying for an NFQ level 6 Springboard+ course, your course fees are also fully covered. 

However, if you’re employed and applying for an NFQ level 7-9 Springboard+ course, then you or your employer is responsible for 10% of the course fee. 

How Does Innopharma Education Partner with Springboard+?


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There are plenty of providers through the Springboard+ Initiative, and Innopharma Education is proud to be one of them. 

Throughout the many Springboard+ Initiative providers, you can find courses for areas, such as: 


  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Communications and Information Technology

  • Data Analytics and Digital Transformation

  • Food Science and Technology

  • High-End Manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical and Biopharma

  • Medical Device Technology

  • Robotics

These are all areas that the European Union and the Government of Ireland have deemed the most in-demand and beneficial for Ireland’s economy. Not only that, there are often in-demand jobs in these sectors. 

Innopharma Education provides plenty of Springboard+ courses in several areas of expertise, including:


Whether you need certificate courses or higher-level ones, like a Master’s degree, Innopharma Education has plenty of options for your needs. 

Still have questions about Springboard+ courses or the application process? Our Springboard+ guide has all the answers. 

Ready to apply to a Springboard+ course with Innopharma Education? Get in touch with us and we can help you out!

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