What to expect from a Post Grad Course

Programme manager and students

In the second instalment of our series, our Director for Programme Development, Finbarr Sheehy, discusses the benefits of undertaking an Innopharma Masters’ Degree or other post-graduate programme, including what to expect and what sets us apart.

Want to take the next step in your career? Read on to see how Innopharma can help you find success in the pharmaceutical, food and medical device Industries.

Designed For Industry, Delivered by Industry

‘One particular strength of Innopharma Educations’ educational offering is the strong links to industry. 

All our courses are designed by people who work in the industry and they’re delivered by people who work in the industry. Of course, there’s a huge amount of academic support there as well, but that strong link to the industry is very important.’ 

Strong Academic Partners 

‘The other strength is that we have well-established academic partners between ITT Dublin and Griffith College Dublin. They provide validation and quality assurance to all our programmes.’

Thought Leaders

‘We keep our programmes very relevant and very current. A lot of what we cover are new concepts that many of the other colleges aren’t even thinking about yet. Elements like pharmaceutical data analytics, for example, we started to incorporate so that we can help our students develop skills that will be key in the future. We’re also quite flexible. If a company contacts us and asked: “Can you design a course in this area?” - we are more than willing to do that.’ 

Strong Support

‘We get a lot of great feedback from students about our level of support. Many students who go to college only learn something academic, they don’t get that link into the industry. We offer support like preparation for work skills, helping them build their professional network and ultimately, helping them to progress in their career. Students also find that a lot of the lecturers that are delivering content are working in the industry so they can give people a very clear perception of what it’s like and what skills are necessary to progress in Industry.’

Mentor Programme

‘An integral part of every programme is that we assign students a mentor. The mentor helps them to achieve their career goal. Whether it’s doing mock interviews with the student the night before they do an interview or revising their CV for a job application. The mentor will work with them and use their own network to get them interviews too. We put a huge amount of focus on that.’ 

Where Do Students Go On To Work? 

‘Afterwards, they work in most of the typical pharmaceutical and medical device companies in Ireland. We have placed graduates in most of the big pharma companies, the likes of Pfizer and Abbott, but also a lot of the smaller pharma companies too. Similarly, many of our graduates have joined many of the medical device companies in the country. We’ve placed students in a lot of the food production companies such as Cuisine de France and Mondelez and most of the big food manufacturing facilities. Students have gone on to work in other industries too. A lot of our students have joined Intel, even though it’s not pharma, the skills are very similar. Others have gone on to work with HP or Celestica and we have also had people who’ve taken up supply chain roles in pharma.’

A Range of Flexible Course Options to Fit Into Your Working Life

‘We offer courses in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick and Athlone. We also run blended learning courses, these are a combination of online and weekend work and are particularly suited to students who are working. They attend classes in the evening either in a classroom or online. At the weekends, they do group work in the college. All the content is available online so if a student gets a job in the meantime, they have the flexibility in completing their studies online.’

Why Choose Innopharma Over Another Institution? 

‘I think it gets back to the industry links, we have very strong industry links. Our focus is on getting people into their ideal career. The accreditation is obviously important but we really place a huge focus on getting people into the job they want or giving them the skills to progress their career in their preferred direction. We can help provide a network into the industry. We bring real examples in terms of the application of knowledge rather than just an academic accreditation.’

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