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Course Overview

This Post Graduate Diploma programme offers a unique blend of technology and business skills. Students will develop their skills in the pharmaceutical sector and gain expertise in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Business Improvement, Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Research. This unique and popular course is delivered by industry professionals ensuring you receive the most up-to-date and relevant skills to help you advance your career in the pharma/biotech sector.

With extensive input and participation from the pharmaceutical and clinical trials sectors, this course is ideal for those involved in manufacturing, compliance, business improvement, quality assurance, validation, data analytics, clinical trial coordination and engineering.

Modules Include:

  • Process, production and pharmaceutical quality systems
  • Regulatory landscape of pharmaceutical business
  • Pharmaceutical technology transfer
  • 21st-century dynamics & emerging trends
  • Strategy, leadership & the culture of innovation
  • Operational excellence & the science of innovation
  • Clinical research management
  • Research methods

Developed and taught by experienced academics and industry lecturers, this course is delivered through blended learning, 2 evenings per week online and up to 2 Saturdays per month in person.  

Accreditation: QQI Level 9 Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Business & Technology. 

Collaborating College: Griffith College Dublin 

Next Intake: September 2024. 



Continue to the Course Outline section for module information.

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Course Outline

Online lectures take place two evenings per week (Monday, and Wednesday) with in-class lectures taking place on two Saturdays per month in Griffith College Dublin & Griffith College Cork. (ECTS: 60 Credits) 

A full-time option is available for International Students.

Module 1: Clinical Research Management

Drug development life cycle, clinical trials project management, contract research organisations (CRO), competitive marketing in the clinical trials sector, and managing commercial relationships.

Module 2: Processes, Production and Pharmaceutical Quality Systems

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical products, manufacturing, quality system elements, validation and change control, pharmaceutical plant design, pharmaceutical quality systems, and principles of quality by design.

Module 3: Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer

The technology transfer process, research to manufacturing, location to location, life cycle studies, raw material impacts, pilot plan studies, validation, commissioning and cleaning, project management, regulatory framework, and analytical methods. 

Module 4: Regulatory Landscape of Pharmaceutical Business

Pharmaceutical legislation and regulation, core principles, statutory frameworks, environmental regulations, Irish and European Union law, planning law, waste management, control of pollution, and factory facilities.

Module 5: 21st Century Dynamics & Emerging Trends

Challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, new product types, patent cliffs, emerging markets, innovative medicines, live licensing, modes of healthcare delivery, governmental strategies, and demands on manufacturing and distribution.

Module 6: Strategy, Leadership & the Culture of Innovation

Current challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, strategic thinking in the Biopharmaceutical industry, leading change in the biopharmaceutical industry, culture of innovation, corporate governance and business ethics.

Module 7: Operational Excellence & the Science of Innovation

Origins of operational excellence, operational excellence implementation models, lean sigma implementation, design of six sigma, science of innovation, TRIZ, key performance indicators (KPI), and quality function deployment. 

Module 8: Research Methods

Topic selection, literature review, research design, methods of data collection and analysis, ethics.

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Entry Requirements

This course is suitable for those who possess qualifications at NFQ Level 8 Honours degree with a 2.2 or higher in a Science, Engineering or Quality discipline.

NFQ Levels Explained


Career Options

This highly desired qualification will help you open the door to an exciting and successful career in the pharma or life sciences industries. This unique master's qualification could help kick-start your career progression as an executive, manager or director in the following specialities:

  • Business Operations Supervisor/ Manager
  • Quality Assurance Supervisor/Manager
  • Compliance Specialist / Manager
  • Business Improvement Specialist 
  • Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Technology Specialist/ Manager
  • Quality Supervisor/ Manager
  • New Business Introduction Specialist


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Our admissions team are on hand to assist you with your application and answer any questions you may have on the course.

Students who wish to apply to this course should follow the following application process.


Step 1: Enquire through the form at the top right of this page

Step 2: A member of our team will be in contact through phone or email

Step 3: If you are deemed to be eligible for the course, you will be sent an application form by email. You MUST fill in this application form and attach all necessary *documents (CV, ID, Transcripts, etc.)

Step 4: On submission of the completed application form and all documentation, your application will be sent to the associated department for final approval. You will receive an e-mail confirming your place on the programme. (Note: This process can take up to one week particularly during busy admission periods.)

*We accept scanned documents in a pdf format. Pictures of documents are not accepted.

**For those who are applying for Springboard or HCI funding, you will be directed to fill out an additional application form on the Springboard website, this is to confirm your eligibility to receive  funding

Please note at any time if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email on admissions@innopharmalabs.com or call us (01) 485 334


Why up-skill for the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland?

  • €3 billion in new capital investment
  • €39 billion in exports
  • Over 55,000 employed
  • 9 of top 10 world’s biopharma companies in Ireland
  • 12 of the top-selling drugs made in Ireland
  • Over 8,000 new jobs predicted 



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I haven't found modules like these in any other course in the world

MSc in Pharmaceutical Business & Technology Graduate, Aditya Karande,



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