Our Learners’ Charter and Associated Policies and Procedures  

 The College is committed to the following core values, which underscore our organisational culture, our strategic priorities, and our decision-making. 
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3. 1 Core Values 

The following core values are included in the College’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025. 

  • We strive for Excellence 

We are committed to quality and continuous improvement. That means taking a best practice approach to everything we do. 

  •  We act with Integrity  

We are committed to honesty, transparency and upholding the highest ethical standards. That means being accountable to our learners, our partners, our stakeholders and the wider community. 

  •  We value Diversity  

We are committed to inclusion, equity and mutual respect. That means actively working to eliminate bias and create an environment where every member of our community can excel.  

  • We foster Innovation 


We are committed to creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. That means continually seeking ways to optimize, enhance and add value to all our activities.    

  •  We nurture Collaboration 

We are committed to mutual support, teamwork and cooperation. That means developing an open and participatory environment for our learners, partners and each other. 

Our Learner Charter has been drafted in line with these values and expresses the College’s commitment, through a partnership with our learners, to ensure good working relations in the College and an efficient, effective and supportive academic environment. 


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