Access, Transfer and Progression 


1. 1. 1 ESG Standard

ESG Standard 1.4

Institutions should consistently apply pre-defined and published regulations covering all phases of the learner “life cycle”, e.g. learner admission, progression, recognition, and certification. 

Access, Transfer & Progression

1. 1. 2 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to set out the principles underpinning Access, Transfer and Progression at the College, in alignment with the requirements of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance Act (2012), as per QQI’s 2015 policy restatement. 

1. 1. 3 Scope 

This is an overarching policy that establishes principles applied to all programmes of education and training at the College. Within that scope, procedures are programme specific. 

1. 1. 4 Policy 

1. 1. 4. 1. Definitions 


Access – refers to the process by which learners may commence a programme of education and training, having received recognition for the knowledge, skill or competence required. 

  • Initial Access – refers to a learner commencing at the initial stage of a programme. 

  • Advanced Entry – refers to a learner commencing at a post-initial stage of a programme. 


Transfer – refers to the process by which learners may transfer from one programme of education and training to another programme, having received recognition for knowledge, skill and competence acquired. 

Progression – refers to the process by which learners may progress from one programme of education and training to another programme of a higher level. 

1. 1. 5 Policy Statement 


The College is committed to providing fair, equitable and consistent access to all applicants to its programmes, and will ensure the following: 

  • The policy and all admissions arrangements are clear and accessible. 

  • Decisions regarding the allocation of places on programmes are timely and transparent. 

  • All applicants are treated in a fair, equal and consistent manner.  

  • Appropriate arrangements will be in place to facilitate an appeals process.  

  • For every programme, prospective learners have available statements of the knowledge, skill and competence needed as a basis for successful participation.  

  • Mechanisms will be in place to facilitate Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 


Transfer and Progression 

The College is committed to identifying, where available, any transfer and progression routes into and onwards from all programmes leading to awards in the framework. Where these are found to exist, any particular attainments required to facilitate access to a programme leading to an award at the next level will be specified. Where appropriate and feasible, necessary adaptations will be made to programmes to facilitate participants in making successful transitions.  

Annual transcripts of performance will facilitate transfer to other programmes or institutions. The European Diploma Supplement will enable graduates to demonstrate competence to employers and facilitate credit transfer between institutions and/or jurisdictions. 



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