Development, Approval and Validation of Programmes 

Development, Approval and Validation

1. 1. 1 ESG Standard: Design and Approval of Programmes

Institutions should have processes for the design and approval of their programmes. The programmes should be designed so that they meet the objectives set for them, including the intended learning outcomes. The qualification resulting from a programme should be clearly specified and communicated and refer to the correct level of the national qualifications framework for higher education and, consequently, to the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area.  

The College is committed to providing a quality learning experience for its learners, and therefore the quality of its programmes is of fundamental importance.  Rigorous processes for programme approval, validation, monitoring and review exist to ensure that programmes are relevant, informed by stakeholder engagement, of an appropriate academic standard, and that they continue in good standing over time.  

This Section sets out the policies underpinning all programme development at the College. 


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