Medical Device Companies Ireland: The 12 Best Companies Found on the Emerald Isle

Not only is the pharmaceutical industry booming in Ireland, but so are medical device companies.

As the Irish MedTech industry flourishes, so do these companies who are doing the good work of researching, designing, and manufacturing life-saving tools and instruments. 

But what are medical devices? Why are they important? 

And within the MedTech industry, what jobs can you secure working with medical devices? 

We’ll discuss all of that in this post. Plus, we’re detailing the 12 best medical device companies in Ireland. 

What Is a Medical Device and Why Are They Important? 

Medical device is a broad term. They can be used by both doctors and patients, depending on the situation. 

The main takeaway is their tools, instruments, machines, or the like that aid in the diagnosis or treatment of an illness or condition.

Why are Medical Devices Important? 

Many of the treatments for common illnesses and conditions involve the use of medical devices. 

They’re life-saving tools that doctors and patients can use to better their health and, therefore, their quality of life. 

Many patients would not be able to live a normal life without the use of medical devices! And plenty of doctors wouldn’t be able to perform the medical procedures they’re now capable of without them, either. 

Because of that, medical devices are quintessential to the modern practice of medicine. 


Why Work in the Medical Device Industry? 

If you’re interested in being a part of a life-saving industry, then it may be worth it to work in medical devices. 

Not only that, but as technology continues to expand, the medical device industry grows more efficient. Engineers, researchers, and manufacturers can produce medical devices that never existed beforehand.

Those working at medical device companies in Ireland and around the world are becoming more innovative and creative than ever before. 

What Makes the Medical Device Industry a Lucrative Career Opportunity?

A career within the medical device industry is well worth pursuing, especially in Ireland. Since businesses in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry are both booming on the Emerald Isle, there are plenty of opportunities for those interested in this sector.

With these companies flourishing, they’re continuously looking for recruits to step into positions across the board. 

Not to mention, with more knowledge and expertise in the industry from a higher level of education, you’ll be well within your means to negotiate your salary. One of the best ways to do that is by finding a master’s degree programme that’s right for you.

Applications are now open for our funded PG Dip in Medical Device Technology and Business. Get in touch with us to find out more. 


Jobs in the Medical Device Industry: What’s Available? 

Yes, the medical device companies in Ireland are booming. But if you’re thinking of taking a step in that direction, you’ll want to know what kinds of jobs in the medical device industry are available to you. 

We’re breaking down the top 3 jobs in the medical device industry in Ireland. 

Job in Medical Device Industry #1: Research and Development (R&D) Design

Before any manufacturing or use of medical devices can happen, they first need to be developed.

That’s where the research, development, and design professionals come in. 

These professionals research diseases and conditions, and how certain materials interact with the body and with the scientific makeup of the conditions.

And by doing so, they’re able to develop and design medical devices that can truly benefit both doctors and patients. 

Skills and Experience Needed

For this kind of career in the medical device industry, you’ll need a great understanding of biology and medical technology. You’ll also need to know how to use software like CAD to properly design new devices.

Innopharma offers diplomas in medical device technology to help you start your career in research and development design in the medical devices industry! You can choose from: 

Job in Medical Device Industry #2: Manufacturing

After new devices have left the research and development stage, they move onto high-tech manufacturing facilities. 

That’s where manufacturing roles step in within the process. In these medical device jobs, professionals are responsible for operating heavy machinery to properly build the medical devices. They’re also responsible for reading and following standard operating procedures to make sure devices always meet standards of excellence. 

Skills and Experience Needed

Experience working as a process technician or in medical device operations and manufacturing will be incredibly important here.

You’ll need to know how to operate heavy machinery while also following standard operating procedures. And you’ll need to be up to date on all quality assurance manuals. 

At Innopharma, we have specific programmes to help you take your first steps in a career in medical device manufacturing. You can choose from: 


Job in Medical Device Industry #3: Medical Device Sales

Once the medical devices have been made, it’s time to take them to the world to help patients improve their health. 

As a professional in medical device sales, you’ll work with hospitals and private practices to sell the devices. 

Skills and Experience Needed

As a medical device salesperson, you’ll need to have a great understanding of how medical devices work. You’ll also want to make sure you know about your competitors’ devices so you can speak to those appropriately. 

Establishing excellent relationships with doctors and other healthcare professionals will go a long way in this kind of role! 

Innopharma can help you get started in this medical device job through one of our focused programmes. You can choose from: 

Medical Device Companies Ireland: What Are the Top Emerging Companies?

From established medical device companies in Ireland to medical device startups, there are several top emerging companies to help you get your career started. 

We’ve broken the list of medical device companies Ireland by city: 


Medical Device Companies Ireland: Clare

Vitalograph Ltd

Vitalograph is one of the mainstays of medical device companies in Ireland, as they opened their doors back in 1963. Back then, they focused on screening coal miners for pneumoconiosis, or “Black Lung.” 

They’ve carried their innovation and desire to provide better healthcare to today. They’re now recognised as a major industry leader for cardio-respiratory products. 

They’re known for:

  • creating cardio-respiratory diagnostic devices

  • clinical trials 

  • medical equipment servicing

Find jobs in the medical device industry at Vitalograph Ltd

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet works hand in hand with doctors through their medical devices. They help doctors provide their patients with a better quality of life, and that remains their mission. 

Focusing on orthopaedics, they’re known for building medical devices to treat disorders or injuries to:

  • bones,

  • joints,

  • and soft tissues. 

Zimmer Biomet also has locations in: 

  • Dublin

  • and Galway

See open jobs at Zimmer Biomet.

Medical Device Companies Ireland: Cork

DePuy Synthes (Part of Johnson and Johnson)

As part of the Johnson and Johnson family of companies, DePuy Synthes is a big medical device company in Ireland. 

They’re widely known for their medical devices in

  • orthopaedics

  • spinal care

  • neuroscience 

  • and more

Because they’re such a larger, ever-growing company, they’re always hiring. Find out more about careers at DePuy Synthes


Just under 30 years since its establishment, Stryker has settled down in three major cities in Ireland. It’s widely known for its medical manufacturing presence that creates medical devices for more than 100 countries across the globe. 

They’re widely known for creating

  • medical and surgical equipment,

  • orthopaedic medical devices, 

  • and nanotechnological devices

Stryker also has another location in Limerick. 

Use their search portal to find career opportunities at Stryker. 


A newer medical device startup, Zeus opened its doors in Ireland back in 2005. 

Rather than producing medical devices that go straight to patients, Zeus focuses on developing products that aid doctors and surgeons to provide better patient care. 

They’re known for developing:

  • strong polymer tubing for catheters

  • strong polymer tubing for IVs

Find a career in medical devices at Zeus. 



Medical Device Companies Ireland: Dublin

BlueBridge Technology

A Dublin-based medical device startup, BlueBridge Technology is quickly making a name for itself in the medical device industry. 

Many of their products are app-based, which goes to show how they’re using innovative technology to shape the medical industry. 

See open jobs at BlueBridge Technology. 

Mainstay Medical

With headquarters in Dublin, Mainstay Medical is one of the top emerging medical device companies in Ireland.

They’re widely known for producing ReActiv8, an implantable neurostimulation system for patients with chronic low back pain. 

Use their website to find out about career availability at Mainstay Medical. 

X-Bolt Orthopaedics

X-Bolt Orthopaedics is another newer medical device company in Ireland. Yet, they’ve made a name for themselves in the trauma orthopaedics sector. 

They focus on one thing, and they do it well:

  • the X-Bolt for surgeons to use during hip fracture orthopaedic surgery

Find out more about careers at X-Bolt Orthopaedics. 

Medical Device Companies Ireland: Galway


Acquired by Johnson & Johnson, Neuravi is a leading provider of medical devices for the treatment of strokes. 

They’re recognized for creating a medical device called the EmboTrap, which captures blood clots and restores blood flow in stroke patients. 

Find out more about Neuravi careers. 

Vivasure Medical

Vivasure Medical is a relatively newer Irish medical devices startup in Galway’s thriving medical device sector. 

Vivasure Medical is known for producing medical devices such as: 

  • polymer implants

  • delivery systems for minimally invasive vessel closure in cardiology, radiology, and vascular surgery

Find out more about careers at Vivasure Medical Limited

Medical Device Companies Ireland: Meath

Welch Allyn

One of the oldest medical device companies in the industry, Welch Allyn was originally founded in 1915. Back then, they became widely known for developing the world’s first handheld, direct illuminating ophthalmoscope. 

Ever since, they’ve established themselves as an industry leader and partner for health care professionals and patients. 

They’re now known for developing:

  • Welch Allyn Home Products, such as blood pressure monitors and scales

  • Healthcare profession products such as tools for physical exams and even medical lighting

Use their search portal to find career opportunities at Welch Allyn

Medical Device Companies Ireland: Westmeath

Utah Medical

Originally founded in America, Utah Medical now has its doors open in Ireland. They have an excellent reputation as an employer for local citizens, and they’re often acknowledged for their wonderful working environment.

They’re widely known for medical devices and products, such as:

  • Disposable medical products for women and babies

  • Reusable medical products for women and babies

Find out more about Utah Medical and available careers. 

No matter what medical device companies in Ireland you decide to pursue, Innopharma can help you take the first steps. 

With programmes focusing on medical devices, you can elevate your expertise and skills to enter the industry.

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